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Ready to feel more alive than ever by listening to ‘Dead Inside’ by frost & Aoyoru? We sure are!  Scroll down and read this exclusive interview as you press play above :).

Pictured above is frost.

Pictured below is Aoyoru.

Interview curated by Michael of the Phuture Collective team.


Phuture: So good to have you back on Phuture, Frost!! Big warm welcome as well to you Aoyoru – you’ve been such a big part of our discord the past few months so it’s great to finally release together.

Let’s start things off with what you both had for breakfast!

Frost: Two eggs.

Aoyoru: I don’t think I had breakfast today. I rarely eat breakfast I tend to only eat like one meal a day (usually dinner)


Phuture: Let’s talk about ‘Dead Inside’ real quick. How did this piece come together? Is this your first time working together? How do your styles complement each other?

Frost: First time working together and it went extremely well. You can definitely expect more tracks from us.

Aoyoru: Pretty much, Frost sent me a WIP and I sang on it and he liked it. We’ve been trying to work together for a while and this was just the first one that worked. Our styles are very different so I think it brings us both out of our comfort zone when we work together.


Phuture: What’s the meaning of life?

Frost: There really isn’t much of one. We’re all extremely insignificant. I think “meaning” isn’t something that applies here at all. That said, I think the most tangible and important thing is being happy or just feeling good. In the estimated 14 billion years of the universe existing, you have maybe 100 years to *be*– to feel, to think, and to experience. That’s not a lot.

Aoyoru: Just doing what you love to do and enjoying every second. Life is too short to waste.


Phuture: If your musical styles were four course meals, what would those courses consist of?

Frost: Beets.

Aoyoru: My music is probably a 1 course meal to be honest. It is simple like a sandwich you would eat in a school lunch or something.


Phuture: What should we expect from each of you over the next few months? Any new release plans or shows?

Frost: I’ve got a ton of tracks piled up and even more in progress. Just looking for places to release.

Aoyoru: I got a song dropping August 16th on AiA/Wonderlust and some collabs with some homies after that.


Phuture: If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Frost: Uh.. The superpower that lets you get a manager.

Aoyoru: I wouldn’t really want to have a superpower I just like being a regular human, but I wish I had better vision so I didn’t need to wear glasses. The CIA would probably try to dissect me if I had superpowers.


Phuture: What has been the single most inspiring moment thus far on your musical journey?

Frost: That time that I realized i could make noises on a computer

Aoyoru: I’ve just been inspired by all of the people I have met through discord with similar interests to me. Where I live, no one cares about the things I care about. I kinda feel alone, but I have managed to make friends with some pretty amazing people online.


Phuture: Name 3-5 artists who are going to take over 2018 / 2019!

Frost: Realistically, the people with the best connections. Ideally, people like Ampzer, Isqa, etc. All the underground peeps that are doing something different and not following a formula.

Aoyoru: Easy. Olswel, B-Dos, Frost, Glances, and Scharame.


Phuture: Before we go – anything else you want to mention before we part ways for a few months (until your next Phuture release :])?

Frost: Stay tuned for more trap bangers, a secret disco project, some house beats, a crazy trap/jazz/orchestral/experimental fusion album with ill-esha,  and lots more.

Aoyoru: Hm… Keep an eye out for more collabs with some dope people and I’m gonna start experimenting with some more visual projects to assist with the imagery of my music.


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