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It’s about time you get to know Frost in case you don’t already. This is his first release on phuture collective, and his next release following up his massive ‘shelves of something i forgot’ EP. Before you listen to that though we’ve got an exclusive track & interview from him right here in the Now. Scroll down : ).

Interview curated by Michael, founder of phuture collective.


phuture: It’s so great to have you on-board phuture collective Frost! Give the world a rundown of who you are, what you are into and what you are about.
Frost: I make music to express my emotions [insert crippling depression meme here]. I have a big ego. I like pandas and snowflakes and memes. I listen to too much Blackbear and way too much Halsey.
phuture: I have a feeling we’ll be looking back at 2016 for years to come. We say this because of your release of ‘Love.Exe’ on Stove God in addition to ending the year off with your ‘shelves of something i forgot’ EP. You pushed boundaries this year! How do you follow this up?
Frost: probably by pushing more boundaries. My plan is to continue making more experimental tracks alongside some chill tracks with  some vocalists.
phuture: When you make a piece of music do you have any rituals that must take place for creativity to flow? Additionally, what inspires you?
Frost: its really just on and off whether i’m inspired or not. i try to produce at least a few hours a day; sometimes it goes places, sometimes it doesn’t.
phuture: In 2017 what do you aim to accomplish musically?
Frost: my main goal right now is getting good management, i’m not really thinking past that. (hi managers, hit me up)
phuture: Who are three of your biggest inspirations?
Frost: how about 4? Skrillex, Isqa, Porter Robinson, and Eptic.
phuture: If the moon was made of cheese how would this affect your day to day life?
Frost: but would it still reflect light tho?
phuture: Go over your favorite: VSTs, Effects & Instruments, if you don’t mind.
Frost: for synths i almost solely use Massive. for acoustic / orchestral instruments i use Kontakt libraries. my FX are probably a secret.
phuture: Any shout outs to artist’s changing the game who need more recognition?
Frost: Sub Urban’s work is amazing. Mammal Jam is doing crazy unique stuff. oh and that Frost guy. he needs more recognition. i need more recognition. help.
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