About Phuture Collective

This is where like-minded artists innovate, collaborate and synchronize in a communal space under a forward-thinking banner. Our focus is to deliver a synesthetic experience to our listeners and to share our passion while establishing a platform for communication and collaboration between artists and listeners.


We are here to provoke, unearth and present music you didn’t know you wanted to hear. We are here to provide a base where the floors are crumbling. We are here to put a magnifying glass to your vision. And we are on a never-ending journey to find the most progressive music to archive the evolution of sound. 


Contact us the following ways :

General / Booking / Marketing [submissions will not be heard here] – phuturecollective@gmail.com

Exclusives / Repost Consideration / Network Submissions – www.coli.io/phuturecollective

Phuture Chat / Feedback / Collaboration / Track Promo – Discord discord.gg/wA2dFBc


Phuture Collective team :

Owner / Founder / Project Manager :
Michael Cullen III

The Flourish | ZARBON | M i s t e r / L | Floret Loret

ZenAware | RVKIT | chromonicci. | The Flourish |
M i s t e r / L | RZON | CLIN | Indigo Beck | Himmel |
Pacific Patterns | DIVERSA |  gahn | Røhaan |
The Third Floor

Visual Artists:
Neon Chief | Røhaan | Jake Clarke Design | M i s t er / L |

Community Involvement:
M i s t e r / L  | SK^ GU^ | Floret Loret | Fooligan | ALENAI |
Lunaris | summet | Himmel | ethan | RZJ


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