About Phuture Collective

This is where like-minded artists innovate, collaborate and synchronize in a communal space under a forward-thinking banner. Our focus is to deliver a synesthetic experience to our listeners and to share our passion while establishing a platform for communication and collaboration between artists and listeners.

We are here to provoke, unearth and present music you didn’t know you wanted to hear. We are here to provide a base where the floors are crumbling. We are here to put a magnifying glass to your vision. And we are on a never-ending journey to find the most progressive music to archive the evolution of sound.

Hang out with us on discord, we are one big phamily just having fun, keeping the vibes positive and figuring everything out together.

Contact us the following ways:

Phuture Email – General / Marketing (submissions will not be heard here) – phuturecollective@gmail.com

Booking (DIVERSA, chromonicci., RVKIT, B-Dos, ZenAware, etc..) – phuturecollectivebookings@gmail.com

Phuture Discord – Community / Submissions / Feedback / Collaboration – discord.gg/wA2dFBc


Phuture Collective Team:

Owner / Founder / Project Manager:
Michael Cullen III (synchronistic)

Administrators :
Mr. L | ethan may

Phuture Artist Phamily:

ZenAware | RVKIT / dink  | chromonicci. | capshun
DIVERSA | Floret Loret | Noer the Boy | tabz | more wonder
B-Dos | Himmel | tada | Weaver Beats
alex martian | summet | Rohaan
leet  | JKuch | Khanda | okokko

Visual Artists:
ethan may | Mr. L | Pacific Patterns | Jake Clarke

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