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You’ve stumbled upon a story four and a half years in the making. What started as a way to bring artists together has morphed into a community which has changed the lives of thousands – with a goal in mind of inspiring millions. We re-birthed ourselves and sound with issue ten and set forth for […]

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Riptide w/ Sklohi

It’s not often that we do a co-release but this track needed to be a direct part of our label! We present you with Sklohi, who made serious leaps and bounds this year as an artist. He was able to release on a handful of labels both in and out of our network. Enjoy his […]

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Dare by Náttúra (BONSAI x Phuture Collective)

It is with bright skies and warm hearts that we present you our first co-release w/ our friends BONSAI. This track will have you gazing up in delight and looking around you with a fresh set of eyes as the harmonies resonate with your being. ‘Dare’ features vocals from one of our favorite female artists […]

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Himmel & chromonicci. are Lit

Ya’ll should be acquainted with Himmel & chromonicci. by now – as they’ve released with us multiple times throughout the years. This time we brought them together for something you’ll end up repeating multiple times throughout your day – ‘Lit‘. Scroll below :). Check out more of Himmel  here: soundcloud facebook twitter Explore more of chromonicci. […]

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Establishing the rules with Woolymammoth

When we started Phuture Collective we were inspired by a handful of artists who were carving shapes all their own into the world. Woolymammoth is the index finger to that handful – so it’s no surprise we’re animated with euphoria to bring you Phuture Collective‘s first single of the year – featuring none other than […]

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It is with euphoric, harmonic & gracious vibrations with which we present you the following: Belluga. A collaboration between Portland based artists Pacific Patterns & TAWRENCE . Time; immemorial, undeterred, incandescent. Where the soul met the star upon the birth of the heavens. The cadence comes, calling from across the distance engineered by its own […]

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