issue fourteen | ARRIVAL (free downloads and interviews)

You’ve stumbled upon a story four and a half years in the making. What started as a way to bring artists together has morphed into a community which has changed the lives of thousands – with a goal in mind of inspiring millions. We re-birthed ourselves and sound with issue ten and set forth for […]

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issue thirteen | ZENITH (w/ free downloads & interviews)

There comes a time between departing and arriving that you are in between places – at a standstill per se. Just because of that limbo, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep moving one way or another – we’d like to call this ‘ZENITH’. Inspired from a place of transition and thinking-forward to the future, we […]

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Riptide w/ Sklohi

It’s not often that we do a co-release but this track needed to be a direct part of our label! We present you with Sklohi, who made serious leaps and bounds this year as an artist. He was able to release on a handful of labels both in and out of our network. Enjoy his […]

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Dare by Náttúra (BONSAI x Phuture Collective)

It is with bright skies and warm hearts that we present you our first co-release w/ our friends BONSAI. This track will have you gazing up in delight and looking around you with a fresh set of eyes as the harmonies resonate with your being. ‘Dare’ features vocals from one of our favorite female artists […]

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Gangus Interview for Emissions Festival 2018

Hello music lovers! We bring you the first audio interview we’ve had the pleasure of doing. This one features none other than Gangus, who has been making moves from years and is part of the core of Courteous Family. This was somehow Gangus‘ first festival which will surely propel him into countless others in the […]

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☁kumo radio vol.005 w/ phuture collective☁

Howdy readers!! Check out our most recent radio show w/ Kumo Collective – out now! We feature heaps of unreleased Phuture content, alongside some of our founder (synchronistic)’s new unreleased tunes! Listen above and check out Kumo below. Kumo Collective Soundcloud Check out Phuture Collective here: soundcloud spotify facebook twitter youtube instagram  

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Emissions Festival 2018 : Artist spotlight #1 | Milano

We had a chance to interview Milano, one of the dozens of artists we are so excited to hear and see at Emissions West Coast Bass Culture Festival this year!! Hey Milano!! It was so great meeting you at Emissions last year after working together in the past and being online friends for a couple […]

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LITLBIRD takes us through Living & Dying

LITLBIRD should be no stranger to your eyes and ears by now, especially after his latest SATURATERECORDS release with his Ectoplasm EP.   He just put out a new single, titled ‘Living & Dying’ which is similar to being minding your own business for dozens of years then suddenly getting transported down or up to […]

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Emissions Festival 2018

As we try to type this article up please bare with us – it’s extremely difficult to keep our fingers from shaking in anticipation for what was just announced. After witnessing last year’s experience showcasing dozens of our favorite artists (Josh Pan, X&G, Woolymammoth, Tsuruda, Hapa, Huxley Anne, Suma, Metapod, Penny Wide Pupils, Mike ILL, […]

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