entza with the big KO

  Interview curated by our founder Michael. ______________________________________________________ Phuture: Entza!!! You’ve been with us before but we won’t be the ones to let the cat out of the bag. Starting from scratch let’s get to know you! What did you have for dinner? Entza: Hahaa, much appreciated 😉 Greek yogurt and blueberries cause I’ve been […]

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Flawed Mangoes – Isolated

  Interview curated by our founder Michael. ______________________________________________________ Phuture: Well well well – we meet again :). Super excited to be releasing together after $400,000 met a bunch of ears it needed to meet. This time you are back with another genre-defying tune and we couldn’t be happier! Let’s jump right into this! What’s for […]

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JKuch – Zest

  Interview curated by our founder Michael. ______________________________________________________ Phuture: JKuch!!! It’s about gosh dang stinkin’ time we get to know you further. Been a fan of you for a couple years now (big shouts to Surreal) but you got on our ‘MUST HAVE OR DIE’ list when you dropped ‘Janguru’ several months ago. I say […]

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issue fifteen | untitled (free downloads and interviews)

issue fifteen words coming soon       __________________________________________ Individual Downloads & Interviews: __________________________________________ __________________________________________ You can download the whole issue at no cost below: Bandcamp – here Stream on Spotify – here Art by Ethan May-  Big ups to the Phuture Collective team for all of the help!  Thank you all for listening, reading & […]

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chromonicci. gives us ‘Hope.’

  Interview curated by our founder Michael. ______________________________________________________ Phuture : Mr. chromonicci – this marks your 7th official release on our main page and the 11th release on our network… JEESH! Did you ever think when we first met that you’d have THAT many releases with us lol? chromonicci. :  Wow! 7? That’s CRAZY, and so […]

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Capshun – Daybreak [Phuture Collective Premiere]

Pictured above: capshun ______________________________________________________ It’s not often we premiere a track so when we do you KNOW it’s gonna be good. What’s even better is this one is coming from one of our core artists, ‘capshun‘, who made some nice sized waves this year to summon the ocean that is the year 2020. This article […]

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B-Dos x Yates – Rust

  Pictured on left : B-Dos.                                      Pictured on right : Yates ________________________________________________________________________________________ Phuture : B-Dos is back again except this time he brought a friend ;). Y’all should already be familiar with his friend, Yates, if not […]

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Breathe with ZenAware

  Pictured above : ZenAware ________________________________________________________________________________________ Phuture : Lord ZenAware – do you know what # release this is for you on our platform? I’d say take a wild guess but I don’t even know if you’d believe it. NUMBER 10!!! It all started with you sliding in our DMs and the rest was history. […]

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Diversa – Crow

  Pictured above : DIVERSA ________________________________________________________________________________________ Phuture : Dang Mr. DIVERSA did you realize this is your seventh time releasing with us? Time is crazy and yet so is life… so let’s dive in and talk about that. But first – tell the world what you had for breakfast! DIVERSA : I had a mouthful […]

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Dragon’s Back w/ Saka

  Pictured above : Saka ________________________________________________________________________________________ Phuture : Saka, SAKA, saka! What a time to be alive – fresh vibrations, an abundance of like-minded people surrounding us, and a world of unlimited possibilities. When we met a year ago we knew we would release together – but we didn’t think you’d come SO FAR SO […]

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