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Interview curated by Michael of the Phuture Collective team.

Phuture: Howdy DIVERSA! It’s been some time since our last interview together so we’re ecstatic to shoot a few more questions your way. Let’s start things out with how your Summer is going & what you had for breakfast. 

DIVERSA: I don’t really pay attention to anything about my life other than things like trying to figure out the trap that is the relationship between human nature and society.
Phuture: ‘Comfort’  guides us through an emotional jaunt that rushes dopamine straight through our nerve cells to give us what the title claims. What were your inspirations behind this piece? How does it relate to our theme of ‘EUPHORIA’ in your opinion?DIVERSA: I can’t really remember anything about that track except that I had it in a private playlist on soundcloud called “Paragon”… I made it such a long time ago.

Phuture: It was a pleasure spending three days with you a few weeks ago when you came to Portland for our shows there & Seattle. What was the most notable moment of that trip for you?

DIVERSA: My life has honestly become a blur of trying to see how much control of my consciousness i can get. With things like not only the placebo effect which affects your mind/body mostly based on what you believe, and how merely the act of wanting something is its own cellular/chemical/electromagnetic situation, I feel that we can trigger something special in our bodies simply by learning how.

Phuture: What role does religion, or spirituality, play in your life?

DIVERSA: I believe in Abrahamic religion, so I believe that Satan has afflicted everyone and their words and understanding, even Jesus’s, and that he has never been stopped. I do notice a lot of people learning new things about Satan today though. You can experience him and observe what he does for yourself if you look hard enough.

Phuture: Is there such a place as Heaven & Hell?

DIVERSA: I used to believe that Heaven and Hell are personal, and that we’re vessels that create personal situations with our consciousness that are heavenly or hellish. I believed that it’s impossible to be conscious of the end of your own consciousness, and that after you die, you will dream based on what things like expectancy and belief do to your actual mind. That if you believed there was nothingness after death, you’d be completely screwed over.

Phuture: Any other news planned for the rest of the year? Shows, releases, EPs, etc.

DIVERSAI’m working on an EP but I’m not sure when it’ll be finished.

Phuture: What keeps you creating?

DIVERSA: I love solving my way into better situations inside of creativity.


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