cypher series 1 – Elements 003 : Ice w/ ZARBON

We’re so happy to bring you the third of many cyphers to come!

Your 60-90 second track will be made following 3 rules (chosen by the featured artist of the cypher) and made using the sample pack. Everyone will have one week to complete and submit a track, then phuture will have a week to approve the finalists and get it mixed together.

For our first cypher series, the themes are Element based. Our second one is ‘Wind’ , featuring one of our three Adminstrators ZARBON, who has been with us for a solid year now. He’s continued to re shape his sound, jump boundaries, and continue on this musical journey we share together.
He put together a sample pack full of original sounds which feature each element of the ‘Icey’ track he created. Because everything is free we ask you show your support by following this week’s artist & phuture collective. You can do so by checking us out on the links below!

Rules (chosen by ZARBON):

1. Tempo between 110 – 128 bpm
2. Incorporate a creative use of drums/percussion (not limited to the samples included).
3. Use effects to change at least one of the included samples as you desire.
(Samples are written at 112 BPM and in the key of Dminor.)

Rules with every cypher:

0:60 to 1:30 in length.
Must use as many samples from the pack as possible.

Download CS1-Elements.0003 Ice / ZARBON: here

Submit your track on this form here: here

Submissions close on 4.30

Art by Neon Chief

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cosmic superior

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