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Pacific Patterns is no stranger to phuture – and we’re going to keep it that way! We’ve got a fresh new interview in from this Northwest based producer and we can’t wait for you to read it! Before you sink your eyes in, don’t forget to press play to listen as you read </3.

Interview curated by Soba & Floret Loret & Michael of phuture.

phuture: Welcome back PP! So good to have you back on another issue.Tell the world what you’ve been up-to the past few months!
Pacific Patterns: I recently completed a challenge with a few producers to write a song and release it in the same week. It was five weeks long and pushed my skills farther than anything I’ve ever done with music production. So I’ve just been taking everything I’ve learned and making whatever pops into my head and makes me feel something new and exciting.

phuture: To follow things up with ‘Belluga’ you created ‘Detach’. Although ‘Belluga’ was alongside TAWRENCE, it’s safe to say that has more of a light/soft feeling compared to the dark/hard feelings of ‘Detach’. How do you diversify your production?

Pacific Patterns: The tones of my songs are reflective of the tone of my life when I wrote them. My life was very fluffy, living off of a huge savings, making beats all day every day, drinking endless la croix and chilling with friends outside and in clubs when Belluga came to life. I recently got laid off literally three hours before my next shift during the week I was moving everything into a new place. The uncertainty of life threw me into almost daily panic attacks and I think “Detached” is a direct result of me using music to cope with stresses of life. I’d say the sound palette is “excessive.”
phuture: It’s your first day in Heaven. What do you do? Take us a little in depth. We want to know what you’ll have for each meal, what activities you’ll embark on, and who you’ll encounter.
Pacific Patterns:  Heaven is a place on Earth yo. My heaven happens every time I grasp larger concepts of music production. Getting the master back from a finished track. Waking up every morning next to my babe and eating vegetables. But now that I’m thinking about it I would eat sushi for every meal haha.
phuture: What is the last song on your soundcloud feed that truly captivated your attention?
Pacific Patterns: I really try to limit my sound cloud feed because it forces me to compare myself too much. I think it was a Myrne track though. I A.B.’d one of my songs to it and noticed a way bigger stereo image so I really tried to capture that with my most recent song “Detached.”
 phuture: Playing any festivals this season?
Pacific Patterns: Yes! Lucidity in April near Santa Barbara. I’m returning to What The Festival this year in June, and one more in July, but the line up hasn’t been announced yet.
 phuture: Any other special things we should know about? [I.E – Other releases, album plans, etc.]
Pacific Patterns: I’m really excited to share my EP with the world with Phuture’s help. That will be out in the next few months. And I’m trying to get better at collaborating with people, it can be challenging for me  sometimes because I feel very comfortable with my insanity when it comes to diving into my creativity all alone.

phuture: Have you ever used any psychedelic or mind altering substances, either to influence your sound, or otherwise? What are your thoughts on psychedelics?

Pacific Patterns:  I’m terrified of them. My name Pacific Patterns is derived from my late teenage years when I was experimenting with psychs. Looking at the ocean while my neurons were rearranging themselves. They’re really really strong drugs and experiences. I think everyone should try one or two to allow yourself to observe reality from a totally new perspective. But I find people, including myself at times, treating them as a celebration or party drug and they definitely are not. Overall I have a lot of respect for them and what I’ve learned but I don’t see a bright future for them in my life and my habits.

phuture: Give us some shoutouts of artists who deserve more recognition.

Pacific Patterns:  All the producers who see DJ’s who play their songs on lineups. 

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