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DIVERSA released ‘lunatic‘ a couple years ago on his side account. While it is still lurking online in some places we felt compelled to bring it new life, and give it a new home as part of issue eight | HEARTRBREAK.

To download this track, you can purchase it for $1 on DIVERSA‘s bandcamp.  Since we do wish to support DIVERSA as well, if you don’t have a $1 for it please just message us on soundcloud and we’ll buy it for you <3.

In case you missed our last interview with DIVERSA, we’ve pasted it here :).



Begin Interview (9.15.16):

phuture: Hey DIVERSA! It’s a pleasure to be able to take some of your TIME for this issue. Would you mind giving us a little background for those that don’t know too much about you?
DIVERSA: I’m from New Jersey and I do a nice amount of stuff.
phuture: It’s hard to believe that it has been 8 months since PRECEDENCE. Time seems to be flying by. The album artwork for that album – I feel as if there is a story behind it. It would be cool to hear about that or… you know, any upcoming releases you can tell us about :).
DIVERSA: I think I just woke up one night and took a picture of my alarm clock. It’s just something that seems deep.
phuture: For anyone following you on social media, it’s no secret that you have more to give the world than music.
We as a collective practice your ideas and teachings because we notice improvement in our day-to-day lives. We’re going to run through a couple of your teachings and if you could give us any additional insight, it surely will continue to assist in our awareness as a whole.
DIVERSA: Thank you for giving acknowledgement to this. I try to keep using the personalities I portray on social media to my advantage regarding what I have planned for the future.
Teaching :
“Imagining the feeling of moving forward all around wherever you are, is super healthy for learning how to ‘replace placebo with belief’.”
Do this as if you’re replacing flexing a single muscle as hard as you can with flexing your mind
You’ll actually never stop getting better at it, and practice gets you good extremely quickly.
Once you get used to using your imagination that way, apply that to this:
“When lifting heavy objects, imagine completely relaxing the muscles you’re using. (it helps in ways I can barely explain). However make sure you ‘flex’ perpetually. this makes you get used to each plateau.
The fact that you don’t get physically tired from doing it combined with the fact that it can relieve stress is cool.
phuture: We find this to be one of your more powerful ones – in that you can FEEL this from the first couple attempts. We have found this technique below to soothe anxiety & alter our consciousness in a way similar to meditation. Overall we find joy in practicing this in different settings, but there is more than joy to be had. It’s difficult to put into words.. Can you give any MORE insight to the already concise information above?
DIVERSA:  It’s like programming. Different interpretations of the tips have different outcomes, but explaining the outcomes and how you interpret each tip is an important ingredient to eventually finding out more things to do.


phuture: There was a post about feeling emotions and feelings as if they were tangible bubbles of air – and you explained a method of taking those emotions in as if they were real, and feeling them as such. Almost like a placebo effect. Do you recall what post this was / could you shed any insight?

Teaching :
“flexing the belief that a sphere made of an array of different feelings circling you can be a way to gauge how well you’re doing”
You don’t even have to take them in to feel them. You can make yourself feel happiness or comfort outside of your own body. This is fun and even something as abstract as this can lead to something that may be of good use.


phuture: If you have a routine involved in your daily life, could you walk us through it? Where does music have its role here?

DIVERSA: I honestly have no routine.
phuture: When you are dry on inspiration what do you do?
DIVERSA: In this situation I usually practice/try to discover more things to do with my mentality
phuture: What is the one of the weirdest sounds you have used in your productions?
DIVERSA: Probably the synth in this


phuture: Not only do you showcase exploration & innovation in the music you create, but in the artists you assist others in discovering. We discovered herzeloyde, Sam Gellaitry, Methone, & Atolla from you, just to name a few. We haven’t seen as many artists recommended by you recently. Can you name off some artists who deserve more recognition?
DIVERSA: I haven’t even really been listening to music lately. I have no clue what’s good anymore.
phuture: The whole world is listening right now, and you have an opportunity to tell us all something. What is it?

DIVERSA: Hope can come in unexpected places.

You can explore more DIVERSA here:
Soundcloud: here
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