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You can listen to ‘Simian’ by The Flourish below, as well as check out the interview Bandapears had with him.
phuture:  Good noon Mr. Flourish, why don’t you start by introducing yourself to those of us who aren’t familiar with you.
The Flourish: My name’s Dylan, I smoke entirely too much weed, drink an excessive amount of alcohol and make weird noises. Most of my tracks are just recordings of cats screeching in the alley behind my house.

phuture: The simpler upgrade in Live must be dank af. Let’s talk about your newest release here on SPACE which is very melodic and expansive. Lot’s of different but complimentary motions happening. Can you tell us about what went into making Simian?

The Flourish: I was basically trying to paint a picture of a human leaving earth and busting through the light barrier … I guess haha. really I just started this with the same goal that I start all my tracks with, and that is to make something pretty that still hits, and is guaranteed to stand out. I used a lot of traditional sounds in this one, but wrote and automated them in a sort of non traditional way (take the changing rate and order of the main arp for instance or the way I used a saw wave to simulate strings) Overall the sensation I was going for is the same as always. I want the listener to close their eyes, and take off in their space ship.
phuture:  Tell us about some of your studio rituals. i.e. what needs to happen in order to get you in your right headspace regarding productivity?
The Flourish: Well first off, it has to be late. I can sit here all day trying to make something musical and come up with squat, but for some reason if the sun is down, it’s like accidental masterpieces just fly off my fingers. also I pretty much smoke weed constantly, but that’s a huge part of my process. I also prefer the white lights in the house off and all the crazy random colorful lights and lasers we have around the place on. It puts me in that sort of night club head space and makes it a lot easier to get into the groove. Last part of the ritual is smoking enough Pall Malls to kill an Elephant.
phuture: What do you feel needs to be addressed and/or changed about the music industry?

The Flourish: Too many fuck boys out there doing it for pussy and popularity fucking it up for those of us who do it because its what we were made to do. I also think it’s fucked up how people don’t get recognition if they have too small a following or too few plays on soundcloud…. like how do you expect to find anything new? But I guess I get it, what’s the point of trying to find anything new when everyone’s out here trying to rip off Flume and KRNE.

phuture:  Name 5 artists you’ve heard that aren’t getting the love you think they deserve.
The Flourish: TriLLwAx , Verzache , Idée noire. , Bandapears and Jade Statues
phuture:  Now let’s get out there in space. What’s the strangest sample you’ve ever used in a production?
The Flourish: Haha it’s funny ’cause a friend of mine and I were discussing this yesterday, but one time (way back before I was making electronic stuff) a buddy and I put a boot in a dryer and recorded it flopping around inside it, chopped out a rhythmic section and looped it for a kinda fucked up sounding bass drum.
phuture: Can you tell us about the moment that you said, “holy shit, I need to make music!”
The Flourish: I never had that moment honestly…. I grew up playing music and watching my dad play music and all of his friends play and just somehow always knew this is what I was going to do. I was fucked from the beginning lol
phuture:  Looking back, how do you feel about your progression as an artist? what’s stayed consistent and what has been progressively changing over time?
The Flourish: Well, I started playing drums at 6. Moving along to guitar piano and several other instruments throughout my adolescence and into recording arts in my late teens/early twenties. I used to hate electronic music dude. I thought “techno” was for fags and it was “easy to make and not real music because no one was playing an actual instrument” looking back I see how much of a jack ass I was haha. when I was 21 a friend of mine turned me onto DNB and old ass, however new at the time (2011) dubstep…. coming from a pretty much metal stand point at the time (I was in two metal bands in Nashville) I was hooked. and I was perplexed as fuck. I HAD TO KNOW HOW THEY DID THAT. I was hearing sounds that were inconceivable to me with my narrow “instruments only” mindset. Fast track 5 and a half years into the future and I haven’t touched a guitar in months. It’s interesting to me to see how perspectives and tastes and skill sets evolve over time. I can’t wait to see where this crazy ride is going.
phuture: What are 3 absolute musts when it comes to mixing a tune well, in your opinion?
The Flourish:  HEADROOM. Fuck your gay little sausage wav. Dynamics. Again, Fuck your tiny little sausage Panning. Everything has its place in a mix, even if that place is moving around 😉
phuture:  What do have to look forward to in the phuture from The Flourish?
The Flourish: Well I’m in school now, honing my skills so I can take more precise head shots in stead of just spraying musical bullets and hoping I hit something. I’ve got an album (Color In A Dark Space) Coming out super soon, some exciting shows and a secret little side project with another homie from the collective (who shall remain nameless for the time being) that’s gonna surprise the shit out of all of you.
Interview conducted by Erik N/Bandapears, who you can check out here
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