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Are you familiar with  coli.io , the place where you can submit your music to us and other like-minded labels? Well the founder is jamesbryce. who happens to be a talented musician we had the pleasure working with  for issue eight | LUST.  We had the chance to ask him a few questions – which you can find after pressing play on his track ‘the shift’ below.

Interview curated by Soba & Floret Loret of phuture.

phuture: Welcome aboard phuture collective jamesbryce. We welcome you with warm arms and open ears. Tell the world a bit about yourself!

jamesbryce. : Thank you for having me; so glad to be a part of this community. I have been following phuture collective for a while, so it’s honor to finally be a part of a release. I’m Bryce. I’m a 21 year old producer from outside the Atlanta area. I have been producing for about 6 years, on and off. I spend most of my time developing software as my job, and for fun!

phuture: What inspired you to make music, and what keeps you doing it?

jamesbryce. : Music has always been a big part of my life. I would say I was mostly inspired by the music I was exposed to by my parents, growing up. We listened to a good bit of gospel, r&b, and soul music. I experimented with a number of instruments growing up as well. I think my love of music combined with my passion for technology, merged naturally into a desire to pursue electronic music production. I’m really driven by the emotion that you can put into music and the emotions that are generated from the final product. It’s so amazing to see the effect it has on people, regardless of demographic and social differences.


phuture: We noticed quite the break with your releases. Your last couple  releases, ‘do you hate me’  and ‘run with me’ are over a year old! What have you been doing since then, if you don’t mind us asking :)?

jamesbryce.: Sure. Over the past year, I’ve been experimenting heavily with my sound and trying to master different elements of production. This actually isn’t my first time taking a break from production. I still feel as if I’m developing and recovering from that break, honestly. Additionally, I have been working very hard on a few software projects that I hope will benefit our online music communities 🙂 My main project is called Coli, and is a platform that makes it easy for both artists and collectives to promote their music.
phuture:  What are your goals for 2017? Musically as an artist, and outside of your art.

jamesbryce.: My goal this year as an artist is to produce more, for sure! Fortunately because of my hiatus, I have a lot of works in progress, so I should be able to achieve that goal. My general goal, though, is to connect more with the creatives who make up our community and discover how I can make their lives easier through software.
phuture:  What single moment or event has been the most inspiring during your musical journey?

jamesbryce.: The most inspiring moment during my musical journey was definitely my meeting with some of the guys from 3lo. These are some of the coolest guys around, hands down. It’s one thing to be able to connect virtually with artists, but to break the technological barrier and meet in real life is something else. I was able to learn so much from them and it just motivated me beyond belief. 
phuture:  Give us some shoutouts of artists who deserve more recognition.

jamesbryce.: Huge shout out to chromonicci for giving me another round of inspiration. And of course 3lo; I’m sure everyone knows them by now, but they’re rad. 

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