Exploring ‘Cloud City’ with RZJ


Interview curated by Michael of the Phuture Collective team.


Phuture: RZJ! Welcome back :). So glad you can join us for issue nine | EUPHORIA! Tell the world what you’ve been up-to lately & what you had for breakfast.

RZJ: I skipped breakfast, I do often (don’t do this kids). Have had a massive writer’s block, biggest one yet. Most, usually, last a few days for me, but this one’s almost been 3 weeks.

Phuture: ‘Cloud City’ is pure euphoria. It’s a journey to another society we can’t quite get to without a map. Mind telling us what inspirations went into this creation? Which images do this track bring to your mind?

RZJ: I really wanted to experiment with Asian instruments or just ethnic instruments in general over future bass. And everything just seemed to be so ethereal, thought it’d be good for the issue. The track sounds like a mythical village on a mountain over the clouds from Chinese mythology to me.

Phuture: You are stranded on a volcanic island with electricity that can be tapped into via coconut! What 3 items do you bring with you?

RZJGuitar. Headphones. Laptop.

Phuture: How has your musical flow been treating you this Summer?

RZJ: Winter for me on the other side of the world hehe, but horribly. Biggest writer’s block I’ve ever had.

Phuture: Any new collaborations or releases coming up in 2017 that we can look forward to?

RZJNothing confirmed! But a few vocalists and a few with some old/og Phuture artists.

Phuture: What has been the single most inspiring moment on your musical trek thus far?

RZJ: Not sure 🙂

Phuture: What goals do you have for 2018?

RZJNone. No goals what so ever. I feel like I should have some, but I kind of just want to do my best in the moment and see what happens.

Phuture: Give us 3 more shoutouts of artists who deserve more recognition.

RZJ92elm (you’re missing out on life if you haven’t check him out). Sofasound (aka. sofabro). ZenAware <3


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