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We’re so happy to begin our departure with issue twelve. What better way to start things off than debuting FRQ NCY‘s first release on Phuture Collective!! This track ‘Keep it Moving‘ is part of his new EP ‘The Apex Effect‘ which comes out on July 26th via Wormhole Music Group.

As you scroll down, open the FUXWITHIT premiere in a new tab too :).

Pictured above is FRQ NCY.
Pictured below is his album art for ‘The Apex Effect‘.

Interview curated by Michael of the Phuture Collective team.


Phuture: It’s such a pleasure to finally be releasing with you after a couple years of networking online via discord!! We’re ecstatic to be releasing one of the tracks off your upcoming ‘The Apex Effect’ EP, coming out on Wormhole on 7/26 – we’ll talk about that in a little bit though :).

To start things off – what did you have for breakfast today?!

FRQ NCY: Same! I’m super glad we made this happen. I had Cheerios with some raspberries this morning, it was great.

Phuture: Take us through a typical day in your shoes. What do you do for work? How much time is spent listening/producing music, etc.?

FRQ NCY: Since the last month or so I’ve been working on music full time. I’ve saved up a good amount of money from my previous job, and I’m basically super frugal with all the money that I get from playing shows and mastering gigs I get here and there. But you know, this also means I don’t eat much some days to pay rent. (Shout out mac n cheese, spicy ramen, and pb&j’s)

To be honest I haven’t been listening to as much music recently, and if I am it’s usually some off the wall type stuff that isn’t in the genre I make. Almost my whole waking day is spent working on music/art.
Phuture: Alright let’s dive into ‘The Apex Effect’. When did you start working on this EP? What inspirations go behind and around it? What should people expect to experience?

FRQ NCY: I started working on The Apex Effect around March, so pretty recently. A lot of the inspiration came from being in California and playing shows over there and hanging with some amazing people. It was nice soaking up all the creativity and letting it out. I’ve realized that I’m a lot more driven and in a creative head space after traveling or experiencing something new. Expect new ideas and sounds that aren’t typically what you would hear from me. Melodic, arps, fun drops that get you moving. Basically it’s a snippet in time of what I felt was fun and unique when I made it.
Phuture: While we’re on the subject – how did ‘Keep It Moving’ come about? What kind of head space where you in at the time?

FRQ NCY: Well I remember that track being made really really quickly, comparatively to the others.  I’m not sure I can remember the exact headspace, but I was most likely just “in the zone” when working on it and didn’t have much headspace at all.
Phuture: What are your goals for the next two years?

FRQ NCY: A release with Wakaan would be tight. Other than that I just want to keep progressing my style and play shows/festivals whenever I have the chance.
Phuture: If you could have any super power what would it be?

Phuture: What got you into making music in the first place and what keeps you going?

FRQ NCY: I played drums for 5 years when I was in middle school/high school so that really influenced the way I thought musically. Around Junior year my friend showed me FL studio and I was hooked, then eventually switched to Ableton. The idea of manifesting thoughts into sound is motivation enough for me to keep going. Releasing a thought or an idea that I may or may not have known about is a wonderful feeling.
Phuture: Name 3-5 artists who are going to take over 2018 / 2019!

FRQ NCY: Oh man there’s so many. Chark, stosu., Mystic Grizzly, Leet, Digital D. There’s so much more though.
Phuture: Before we go – anything else you want to mention before we part ways for a few months (until your next Phuture release :])?

FRQ NCY: Got another EP lined up after this one so be sure to watch out for announcements on that. I’ll also be playing Full Moon Gathering in TN July 28th, and Tampa 8/11 & Miami 8/10 with Zeke Beats. Come catch a set if you’re in those areas. 🙂

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