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Interview curated by the Phuture Collective team.


phuture: So great to have you on both RECOVERY and HEARTBREAK! Few artists have joined multiple issues so you join the likes of RVKIT, The Flourish, & CLIN who are the only artists to have accomplished this feat. Do you feel special? (HINT: You should feel special!)

M i s t e r / L : F yeah I feel accomplished and super honored! I feel like I’ve clicked really well with the themes since I started sending you tracks, writing with that purpose has been big.


phuture:  Since we just interviewed you for HEARTBREAK we’re going to make this one a little more fun. M i s t e r / L – what is one thing you could change about our society if you had the power?

M i s t e r / L : I’ll assume that would mean the U.S. society since I live there and I would like to change the amount of time that “we” work. It’s too much what the heck.


phuture: What role does art play in your day to day life? What role does art play in our society?

M i s t e r / L : I see and hear and move through art. My whole life is art hahah just gotta look around and be mindful of your body and perspectives. Art is really important because it brings a sense of personal discipline and passion into one’s life and that’s where we can begin to find “purpose” or “fulfillment”.


phuture: If we gave you $1,000,000 how would that affect your life the next few years? Would you do anything different than you currently are doing?

M i s t e r / L : Woooo thanks! Hahah I don’t think much would change but me and my friends would be living good haha. Yeah I’d be thinking about less BS than I am now, I think?


phuture:  You’ve got the whole world listening. You are given the opportunity to send a message. What’s in the message?

M i s t e r / L : Make yourself happy before anyone else.


phuture: ‘Places We’ll Go’ is a whole new level to your sound. Never before have we heard such a ‘soft’ piece have a ‘heavy’ effect in our heart like this one. What went into the creation of this piece?

M i s t e r / L : A lot went into this, first being a good amount of feels. Then it was trying a lot of new things like choosing or making sounds without highs for a submerged feeling, recording vocals for this which helped some inspiration(didn’t use em), recording a piano solo and also asking my talented friend Nick G. to bless this with his trumpet so shout out to him.


phuture: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

M i s t e r / L : When my body/health isn’t 100%.


phuture: How does the theme of ‘RECOVERY’ resonate with you as a person.

M i s t e r / L : I’ve gone through a couple recovery periods. They are important and strong stages in life. But after each one stuff looks even better. So that’s cool! We keep it movin!


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