Meet and greet with producer ledezma○


Meet ledezma○, self proclaimed four loko & chicken wing addict, out of El Paso.

We had the opportunity to interview them as part of issue five, which you can read below. While you read up on them, be sure to press the play button here to listen while you read.

Interview with ledezma○.

Question: What was the last track or album that you listened to?
Answer: Phonat – Identity Theft ,this is such an amazing EP

Question: Summing up 2015, in a musical nutshell what did music do for you and where did it take you?
Answer: not much. A lot of practice and experimenting I was laying low all year perfecting my craft and trying to find my sound. Music is therapy for me. It keeps me entertained and sane

Question: What foods have been on your palette lately?
Answer: chicken wings & four loko <3

Question: How would you describe your sound to someone with ears? Without ears?
Answer: sounds like a robot walking through a beautiful forest….without ears… Got me there haha no idea 🙁

Question: Any projects coming up that we should know of?
Answer: I’m working on an EP it’ll be out around March hopefully. A few collabs brewing as well. A hip hop beat EP With soulfulxnature collective. Maybe a few tracks with my best Friend mvnners.

Question:What are your goals, musically, for 2016?
Answer: I’m trying to work on my live set up, I really want to do some weird live shows. Also I want to be a part of the next red bull music academy class I think it’s in Canada this year. Ultimate goal is to keep improving my music skills and hopefully start traveling more.

Question: Where is your most favorite place on Earth?
Answer: besides my bed…I fell in love with Paris. Very different music scene and I love the people.

Question: How does LOVE have an impact in your daily life? What about your music?
Answer: Love drives me to work on music. hmmmm in my opinion everybody has something or someone they love.

Question: Let’s flip the tables. You ask us a question and we’ll premiere the answer when your track gets posted. Go!
Question (from L): my question for you guys is “what song do you like to sing in the shower?”
Answer (from P): #1 – the safety dance, #2 – trolololol song, #3 – DIVERSA- Lunatic (I, i, i, i, i’m out of my fucking minddddd)

Question: Give us five ideas of themes for issue six!
Question for phuture (artist) :
Answer: some ideas for themes nature,planets,late night thoughts,club music, horror,science fiction.

Question: Name five artists for the listeners and readers to check out after they’ve heard this track.
Answer: Phonat, grynpyret,arca, mvnners, kid smpl

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