Meet Dendro


Today you get to meet Dendro , an artist out of Dallas, Texas.

Please enjoy their track ‘Little Kid’ as part of issue five | LOVE . You can read up on the interview we had with them while you listen to the track by scrolling down below.

Interview with Dendro :

Question: What was the last track or album that you listened to?
Answer: Shift K3Y – Gone Missing (Brasstracks Remix)

Question: Summing up 2015, in a musical nutshell what did music do for you and where did it take you?
Answer: Being from the Dallas area and seeing producers from the area like Medasin and (dream child) continue to push boundaries, and creating more opportunities for Dallas the scene is awesome. It has motivated me to keep pushing myself and has allowed me to make the best music I possibly can. Also S/O to, Bobby Sessions, -topic, IRAS, Buffalo Black, KidCam and many more for holding down the Dallas hip hop scene.

Question: What foods have been on your palette lately?
Answer: CDC just announced Chipotle is e. coli free so I’ll be back stuffing my face with barbacoa again.

Question: How would you describe your sound to someone with ears? Without ears?
Answer: A happy mess of noise

Question: Any projects coming up that we should know of?
Answer: No specific projects, just releasing tracks whenever I get around to finishing them

Question:What are your goals, musically, for 2016?
Answer: To keep pushing myself to make better music and get myself show I have never had an opportunity to perform live, and would love to do so.

Question: Where is your most favorite place on Earth?
Answer: At my desk producing music

Question: How does LOVE have an impact in your daily life? What about your music?
Answer: We creatures who act on emotion, so love is a driving force in what we devote our time and energy on, so the things I love I tend to devote my time to more often than not. As goes for music.


Let’s flip the tables. You ask us a question and we’ll premiere the answer when your track gets posted. Go!
Question for phuture: What do you look for in a song that has been submitted?
Answer from Phuture: We look for a track that matches the synaesthetic feeling of the theme. For LOVE, we look for that feeling resonating at the center of our heart, and either going down to our toes or up to our head, based on the type of LOVE. This theme has shown us the multiple sides of LOVE. From euphoria, to heartbreak, to numb. We like the WOW factor as well <3.

Question: Give us five ideas of themes for issue six!
Answer: Life, Wanderlust, Ying Yang, Freedom, Nostalgia

Question: Name five artists for the listeners and readers to check out after they’ve heard this track.
Answer: Medasin, (dream child), Tom Misch, GoldLink, healy

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