meet: fortyforty 四十四十

What are you doing at this very moment [besides this interview]?

I’m just crumblin’ erb ^_^

Tell us about what you do to find your sounds. We’ve never heard anyone quite like you. Do you do field recording, or what programs do you use for your productions?

I use my smartphone to record lots of sounds that I think could go well in my productions. I have shit loads of junk but I find it really useful.. I just run through my iPhone library to get inspired, to create original textures etc..

Do genres define or limit us?

yeah, and that’s cool by me. nowadays producers lose direction very easily just because they have less limitations, just like this generation in life 😉 lots of musicians will do everything they can to avoid using the word genres, but I believe that music was always a cultural thing and that genres somehow define different streams in culture and develop accordingly.. I think it’s awesome.

DAW of choice?

Ableton live sir. 9.5 update is rocking my world now. Sometimes I print the multitracks out to pro tools if the mix needs a finer touch

Why do you produce and what keeps you going?

I’m not sure, I just have to create or make something frequently otherwise I get nervous. when I don’t have access to my computer/instruments you’ll find me painting, building things, crafting wood.. doing stuff

We haven’t heard much about Tel Aviv. What is it like there, and how is the music scene?

It’s actually pretty awesome. there are some fine raw talents in the city. we see more and more artists that get worldwide exposure and it warms our heart

Thoughts of The Law of Attraction?

Yeah man, my next project is to get all human beings to think about love and world peace all at once… lets just try it for a second and see what happens

Where do you see yourself 1 year from now? 2 years? 5 years?

Woah. I’m not the person to answer that.. now I’m concentrating all my efforts to figure out where I see myself this week, and its tuesday already.

If we go to Tel Aviv will you tell us all the hotspots?

If it’s summer go to the beach during the day and by night you have lots of hot places. visit the just-opened-next-cool-place-in-town called ‘the sputnik’, then go to mingle at the ‘kuli alma’, have a drink at the ‘alphabeta’ and burn the dance floor of the ‘block’ club.. there are many other cool places, just make sure to give me a shout.

What four songs have been the most influential to where you’ve gotten to today?

You know that’s unfair to ask. jay dee – donuts (lets refer to this as a song?) | roy ayers – everybody loves the sunshine | king crimson – talk to the wind | mom wander – toko

Any other noteworthy talents?

Sure, I’d take this opportunity to promote the newly born label InchPerSecond records that I play a big part in the making of with wonderful talents such as Visitor, Galhoc, Jove, Algo everywhere, kisler, Tal Yogev, Ballet and many others.. there are big plans ahead and quality sounds to look for.

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