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What are you doing at this very moment [besides this interview]?

Right now I’m actually on the train on my way to school aka hell

Where are you from and what’s the music scene like there?

I’m from Chicago and the music scene here is awesome. Obviously we have hella rappers, but there’s also a bunch of dope bands and producers here, shout out to Monte Booker with his Soulection release.

Favorite food and drink? Go!

Duuude I can’t even think of anything. Mexican food maybe? Can’t go wrong with a burrito and a horchata

What DAW do you use? Favorite plugins?

Ableton for life homie, and the main plugins I use are Massive and Silent. Sylenth got the lush synths on deck.

Why do you produce and what keeps you going?

I produce because I feel like its an obligation of every human being to express their feelings through art, regardless of the medium. For me, it just so happens to be through music.

Where would you go if you were given an all-expenses-paid trip to anywhere in the world?

Paris. No doubt.

Any other special talents outside of the music world?

I skate a bit and I do photography

Where do you see yourself 1 year from now? 2 years? 5 years?

I’m a senior in high school right now sooo obviously a year from now I see myself in college haha. But definitely within the next year I’m gonna start playing some live shows, I’m currently learning how to mix. 2 years hopefully I’m at a few thousand followers and 5 years who the hell knows.

Who are some up and coming producers that we should check out?

Dude you guys need to check out my homie Liquid, every song on his page is pure gold. Also, check out everyone on the EclĂ t Sound page, those are some of the dopest producers and some really awesome friends.

What four songs have been the most influential to where you’ve gotten to today?

Damnnn. Ryan Hemsworth – Ryan Must Be Destroyed (Wave Racer Remix); Cavalier – Solid; EZRA – Crine; Sam Gallantry – Paper

What is in store for us to look forward to? An album perhaps?

A few raps coming soon. A group EP with some friends. A bit of producing for some rappers. Shiit who knows what can happen next?

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