meet : pacific patterns

What are you doing at this very moment [besides this interview]?

I’m at my day job right now supervising people loading boxes. Perfect time to fill out an interview.

You perform quite regularly in Portland. What has been your most memorable event you played and what ones are coming up next

That’s a tough one. The last few have been ridiculous. I keep saying “that was the best show I’ve ever played” over and over again. I think a pivotal show was with eastghost and electric mantis. They’re two of my most influential producers and I made it a point to make them my peers.

Apples or Oranges?

Honey crisp and blood

What are your go-to plugins?

Sausage fattener. Jk.

Why do you produce and what keeps you going?

I play a bunch of instruments and producing fulfills my dream of being able to play them all at once. It’s everything I’ve wanted to do since I discovered my love for music. That in itself keeps me going because I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Do you believe in God? Feel free to elaborate

I believe that my mind shapes the world around me and in that sense we’re our own God.

Thoughts on the Law of Attraction?

My girlfriend is fire.

Where do you see yourself 1 year from now? 5 years? 10 years?

1 year still grinding and creating as often as I can, I plan on playing a few festivals this summer. 5 years traveling all over hopefully Europe. 10 years 100% sustained from music or some type of art or art management.

Who are some up and coming producers that we should check out?

Sonis, Banda pears, sonny side up, whereisalex, swindail.

What four songs have been the most influential to where you’ve gotten to today?

Circa survive – Stop the fuckin car. Gives me chills every time. Radiohead – In rainbows is perfect music. death cab for cutie – title and registration (the first song I ever figured out how to play on a little tiny piano using my ear when I was 13 I was like wtf I can play music). Fleetwood Mac – Dreams. This is perfect music. I just listen to this song on repeat.

We hear you are a mimosa-addict. Please tell us more about how this came about.

I’m glad you said mimosas. Getting drunk is just a side effect of mimosas. Mimosas are a lifestyle. They represent laziness and enjoying your day off from start to finish. I’m not addicted to them more in love with them. I’ve been drinking them a lot less and have been producing a lot more lately.

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