meet: Pehoz

What are you doing at this very moment [besides this interview]?

I’m working my live set for my next performance. Next week

What part of France are you from and what’s the music scene like there?

I come from the capital! Paris ! To be honest, I ‘m from West Paris suburb ! La Defense !

Favorite food and drink! Go!

I love FAJITAS ! It’s not that I specially like Mexican food but I love FAJITAS ! Favorite drink! Oasis !

What DAW do you use? Favorite plugins?

I was working Ableton Live & Machine. I do not use a lot of plugins ! Recently, I use Reason for created synths. But I like to do it with my Microkorg .

Why do you produce and what keeps you going?

I do not know. I didn’t really choose to produce. It came a bit like that and I’m an addict now. I feel like a trip in my world. To find myself again.

Where would you go if you were given an all-expenses paid trip for a week to anywhere in the world?

I believe that I would visit the most beautiful forgotten places in the world as fast as I can. Ending with one in Japan! Nara Dreamland!

What does your weekly routine consist of?

My days are never alike. But if I have to take a day which amounts frequently to: Cinema School / Drink with friends / Music studio / Stage. I’m not into the “after party” so I come home to produce or finish video editing work .

Where do you see yourself 1 year from now? 2 years? 5 years?

I honestly do not know. Everything can happen. I see myself continuing to learn and live unique things! The most important is the journey !

Who are some up and coming producers that we should check out?

Mike Gao & Bryson Tiller are artists that inspire me a lot right now. You should listen . Otherwise recently I met
LéReal現実. Then I am still awaiting the return of my bro’ Darthinks! I know he’s busy and will be back soon! And I’ve seen NOTHOYA. I love their music. Their singer has a really touching sensual voice and she’s talented .

What four songs have been the most influential to where you’ve gotten today?

Pehoz x J Dilla:Fall In Love. Flying Lotus:MmmHmm. Dpat:Unbound. 2Pac: Shorty Wanna Be A Thug

What is in store for us to look forward to? An album perhaps?

Yes. Two EP’s for now. ORA & Cosmotion comin’ soon. Two direction, same touch ! One for Dilla, one for Flyo ! Both for you and me !

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