Meeting CAMBOT & Brío… just in TIME


CAMBOT came to us via recommendation by Milano & Indigo Beck. Having worked with CAMBOT the past few months, it was just a matter of TIME before his first release on phuture! This release is a collaboration with him and Brío... titled ‘Spent’ which you can hear below!

Our interview was curated by Michael, founder of phuture collective.

Begin Interview:

phuture: Before we start things off, introduce yourself! give us your location, how long you’ve been producing and an interesting fact we don’t know 🙂

CAMBOT: I was born in Truckee California as well as brio 🙂 we were actually born in the same hospital!


phuture: Where do you want music to take you? Where do you want to take it?

CAMBOT: I just want to find an outlet for people to grow and better themselves through sound, spreading love and consciousness is the goal!

Brío…: Music has always been an influence in my life. Has always taken me to a “stress free and in the moment” kind of feel. As life keeps going and music keeps spreading, I hope that feeling gets stronger and more consistent. I want to take music to everyone and everywhere in the most positive way possible, so then we all can experience this feeling as well. Music causes silence, and silence is where we learn the most.


phuture: How do your moods change based on your productivity / creative output?

CAMBOT: I definitely feel angry at myself sometimes if I slack on making music. It’s gotten to the point of such routine that if I don’t incorporate music into my schedule I get really agitated because I know I could be more productive. But it’s all in fun I try not to take things too seriously. <3

Brío…:  Lots of my inspiration comes from nature and current events. Lack of being active, and lack of living in the moment causes lots of interference. I try and stay in the “smiley and fierce” mood for the most part.


phuture: Where would you like to be one year from now?

CAMBOT: I’d love to be traveling and potentially touring, but the safe answer is in my bedroom making weird noises like always

Brío…:  Spreading my music around the states and maybe even out of the country. Life is unbelievable, until its believable. Living day to day with no expectations.


phuture: Name a tip or trick for other producers reading this.

CAMBOT: When manipulating audio waveforms, I always set my transient envelope to 42. My homie who passed always told me the answer to life was 42, so I try to incorporate his memory. Plus it almost always sounds dank.

Brío…: Go get inspiration from nature! Couldn’t express it enough. Don’t trap yourself in a room consistently, keep those creative juices flowing my friends!


phuture: Anymore collaborations coming between you two?


Brío…: Too many to count. He was my first collaboration, and will be my last. Shouts out to you man. Lots of love.


phuture: How did you find out about phuture?

CAMBOT: I started listening when I was first trying to make music, also I believe my good friend Bryce (Milano) had a release and I was all hyped up for him. That was probably the first time I heard of this wonderful collective <3

Brío…:  Once getting into the music scene and going to shows and events the name became apparent. Always a fan of the art you guys put out so keeping updating on your Soundcloud page has been consistent.


phuture: What keeps you producing music?

CAMBOT: It’s the only way I know how to express the thoughts and ideas that I have in my head. Language can’t do these sort of things justice. Plus music is incredibly fun and connecting with all of these new people has been a blessing.

Brío…: Thoughts are always screaming in my head constant and that voice starts to get little annoying, so having something to distract me from that is key. And music is by far my lock. Also don’t think I’ve ever experienced a better feeling than seeing people dance to your music. Surreal… That will always keep me going.


phuture: Name 3 artists for us to check out / maybe some shout-outs 🙂

CAMBOT: Suma, LSV, Milano, EazyBaked, and Benjah Ninjah all make insanely amazing music please check them out if you don’t know. Too many amazing producers to name! You know who you are!
Key inspirations: Mr. Carmack, G Jones, Charlesthefirst

Brío…: Big ups to “CharlestheFirst”, has been a huge inspirations since day one… Shout out to “potions.”, keep doing you booboo… And a close homie of mine “hoven.”.



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