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Milan.. will be no stranger to you after this interview. The past few weeks he’s been gaining momentum by releasing top notch ‘murky’ and experimental content on both his own page, as well ‘Spiked Punch‘ & ‘Good Nature Collective‘. Funny thing about ‘Good Nature Collective‘ is that he’s the founder – so you better believe we discuss that in this interview. Go ahead and scroll below to hear his track ‘Oppa‘, as part of issue nine | ANXIETY then read on :).

Interview curated by Michael of the Phuture Collective team.


Phuture Collective: Big warm welcome to our family Milan..! We’ve had our ears and eyes on you for a couple months now, and you seemed to appear out of nowhere! When we started hearing your music, it was months after being fans of your label, Good Nature Collective. It’s always a nice surprise to find a label owner that also produces music. What have you been upto the past few weeks, before we get into the good stuff?

Milan..So Much love for you guys<3

These past few weeks have been a blast to say the least. I have been playing a solid amount of shows with the Good Nature boys and sharing my new music to a bunch of new crowds. I have been connecting with a ton of great and genuine people all around California and I have also been meeting a lot of other artists that I just knew on soundcloud.


Phuture Collective: Let’s talk about your track ‘Oppa’. It’s similar to your recent tracks but this seems to be quite the ‘caviar’ in sorts, in that the variation is other worldly. It’s a trip! What went into behind the scenes with this one ? Where did you draw inspiration from?

Milan..: I love that track and I’m pretty proud of it, it’s a track that really shows my style and tells a little story about me. I was originally going to call it “Appa” which is the name of flying buffalo in the show Avatar but this “Oppa” looked to cooler to me so there’s a little background on the title. That show gave me a lot of inspiration for this track, Avatar is based off a young kid with a lot of power and talent in him, but he’s not quite sure what to do with it. That’s how I felt making this track, having this talent and power and not knowing to do with it and then it clicked. I manifested the idea of my profile of all my music is a story and each song is a part of that story. This song is a big stepping stone for me in my production.


Phuture Collective: What do you aim to achieve with this track, does it have a statement? Does it tell a story? If yes, what is its statement/story?

Milan..I want this song to be heard in a way of deep thought and imagination, I want for the listener to envision what was going on in my mind when making this track and I want them to paint their own picture.


Phuture Collective: Let’s talk about GNC for a bit. What spawned you to create such a label? What are your goals 🙂 ?

Milan..: Well I had always wanted to apart of a Music label, I dreamed about it as a little kid so that was always in my mind. But I was thinking of names for my music duo I’m in (bd hbt) and I thought of the name Good Nature and thought it was a really good name but thought it would be better and a more relevant to have it be the name of a collective. I brought it up to my best friend at Burning Man and he thought it was gold and from there it started. My goal for Good Nature is to remain a tight group of Musicians who always represent Good Nature and carry the name in a positive way and spread the Good Nature love. I would like to host regular occurring underground events at different spots in California and take it other states as well. I also want to eventually have a Good Nature gathering/ festival.

Phuture Collective: You’ve got such a wonderful list of artists who have released under your brand. Where do you find your artists?

Milan..: Soundcloud haha, it’s turned into a form of social media now which is kind of whack, but it has its benefits forsure. I would say almost half of the artists hit us up and then the rest I reached out to and asked if they wanted to be a part of the fam, but it’s all been through soundcloud


Phuture Collective: What was the first album you bought? What was the most recent?

Milan..: I honestly can’t remember the first album I bought, I used to buy so many albums when I was little. I was really into Rap & Hip hop though so if I were to take a wild guess it would be a G-Unit album or Young Buck.


Phuture Collective: Writer’s block happens to nearly everyone that has ever created art, what are your methods to overcome it?

Milan..: My methods to overcome to writer’s block are go on a walk and get inspiration from nature or listen to some old school rap or early 2000’s hip hop.


Phuture Collective: How long have you been making music? Where do you see yourself musically three years from now?

Milan..: I used to play guitar and a little piano, but music was never taken that seriously. I started making music and producing 6 months ago. In 3 years I see myself making a living off my music and hosting gatherings and events and having a degree in Business Administration.


Phuture Collective: Give us a list of 3-5 artists who deserve more recognition!

UntitldCAMBOTplayer dave and ĦILLS ₪


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