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pictured on left: summet                                                                                              |    pictured on right: olswel

Interview curated by our founder Michael.


Phuture: WOOHOO! It’s about time we get you back on here summet!! And Mr. olswel – we’ve been trying to get you on here for at least a year so time is on our side – we’ve finally ‘arrived’ :). Let’s start things off with what you had for breakfast!

summet: Glad to be back! I tend to not eat breakfast I just had a cup of coffee

olswel: To be honest, i have the flu and i haven’t eaten for about 2 days.


Phuture: Tell us what ‘moment’ is all about. What’s the story or meaning behind it?

summet: Its about being content with who you’re around, namely your friends and loved ones. Don’t overthink it!

Olswel: lyrics aside i think it’s just about two dudes making a tune on a discord call and having a good time 😉


Phuture: How did you two enjoy working together? What did the other person bring to the table that benefited you? What was difficult?

summet: I was super surprised how quickly we finished this track. I was super busy with school and prepping for a show so Jordan got to work on it when I couldn’t. We did a pretty equal amount of work though; the ideas just kept flowing from both of us.

olswel: it was pretty easy tbh. We just sat down on a call and i made some chords, then we just sent stuff back and forth until it was done 🙂


Phuture: Let’s take a look back over 2018. What were some of your most notable come ups?

summet: My 2018 started with meeting my SoundCloud friends for the first time and watching them play a show. I had such an amazing time that my major goal became to meet more SoundCloud friends and play my first show. I had the pleasure of meeting a ton of URL friends and I ended up opening for Valentine on her tour before the year ended! Great year 🙂

olswel: ok, I know i bring this up way too much, but the biggest deal for me last year was What So Not finding my music and having him use my MIA paper planes remix in all of his sets now! Besides that, literally nothing else happened lmao.


Phuture: If your music was a sea creature – what would it be?

summet: Ocean Sunfish

olswel: that one that has the big lips and looks like a human


Phuture: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done that you are able to share with the world?

summet: I wouldn’t call this the craziest thing, but while in LA with some SoundCloud friends we happened to have a connection with a music video being shot in the area. We hit it up and ended up being extras in it. Plus we got free tacos!

olswel: my life isn’t really that interesting, but i met j.robb once!


Phuture: What do you do when you are dry on inspiration?

summet: Sometimes it’s best to just take a hard break from thinking about music and start balancing my life out by getting out of the house or being with friends.

olswel: i usually just make like 30 rap beats haha


Phuture: Name 5 artists who are going to take over 2019!

summet: There’s a lot more than 5 but I’d say former hero, knapsack, underscores, Valentine, and Jaron.

olswel: my manses EDP, inimicvs, dilip, ellzo and everyone in urde


Phuture: Anything else you want to mention before we part ways for now?

summet: Keep your ears on Valentine’s newest album when it comes out 😉

olswel: lot’s of new music on the way folks!


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