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There is a first time for everything and this time is no exception. We warmly introduce you to Adiidas. Let’s jump right into it :).

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Phuture: It’s SO great to finally release with you adiidas. We’ve been following you for what feels like years and have witnessed such crazy growth with your sound. Let’s start things off with what you had for lunch!

Adiidas: thanks for the continuous support fam! Today I had the usual, al pastor burrito from my local taco shop!  ________________________________________________________

Phuture: Tell us a bit about how long you have been producing, what your setup/workstation looks like & what you do to get

Adiidas: I’ve been producing for almost 10 years. My workstation is simple: my laptop, my beats headphones, and my desk as well as weekly music producing meet ups with some of my best producer friends in Beatkarma’s studio. Working alongside other producers and bouncing ideas off each other has really helped bring my music to another level.


Phuture: You’ve been playing some huge shows in 2018. Tell us about some of your favorite or most notable experiences.

Adiidas: my favorite show of 2018 was Organic Festival. It was an incredible experience to play my first festival among some close friends and big names. There’s Nothing like that camping and bass music combo!


Phuture: Why do birds suddenly appear everytime you are near?

Adiidas: cause I’m fly!


Phuture: If you could collaborate with any 3 artists at the same time which artists would they be and why?

Adiidas: Threesomes, my favorite!
I would have to go with Great Dane, Lunice, and Tsuruda because of their non stop flow and dynamic sound I think the styles all combined would be something like never before.


Phuture: What got you started producing? What activities do you enjoy outside of music?

Adiidas: I have always been intrigued and interested in electronic music and right out of high school back in 2009 my best friend Oscar was learning to produce and I guess I just hopped on the production train. But 3 alias’s later and a lot of practice and here I am.
Outside of music I enjoy the nature of my beautiful home Lake Tahoe and spending time with my homies.


Phuture: What kind of goals do you have for the next year?

Adiidas: more festivals! And to create and release as much music as I can.


Phuture: We like to end things off by giving you a chance to shoutout 5 artists who will change the game in 2019 – so shoot!

Adiidas: Abelation, Beatkarma, Great Dane, Sumthin Sumthin, and Adiidas. If you haven’t heard their shit, you gotta!


Phuture: Anything else you want to say before we part ways for now?

Adiidas: I’m thankful for the opportunity to release with Phuture Collective and appreciate the support. And plz keep listening, lots of new and different music coming from me in 2019!


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