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You’ve stumbled upon samwise‘s fifth submission with phuture collective. They have been with us since the get go, right up there along with St. Clement & TriLLwAx . We grow more proud on the daily, as we see our visions turn into reality.

We had a chance to interview samwise again, which you can find by scrolling. As you scroll, be sure to press ‘play’ to hear samwise’s track – jigsaw as part of issue five | KUSH.

Listen to samwise‘jigsaw’

Read the interview with samwise here:

Question: What are you listening to right now?
Answer: That new ZenAware – Broken from LOVE <3


Question: Summing up 2015, in a musical nutshell what did music do for you and where did it take you?
Answer: Met a lot of cool producers who showed me a lot and gave me a lot of good advice. Had a hard time finding my sound, but it got better altogether. Looking to make more moves this 2016!

Question: Let us step in your shoes for a day. What’s for breakfast, whats your daily routine, and when is music involved?
Answer: Breakfast these days has been either oatmeal or those dollar danishes from the store. I try to fit my music sessions in anytime around work/school.


Question: You are given the chance to immediately cross ANY item off your bucket list. What do you choose?
Answer: This is a tough one. I would say go to a Sam G show right now hahaha.


Question: Any projects coming up that we should know of?
Answer: Yes! I’m working on something that should be out mid March!


Question:What are your goals, musically, for 2016?
Answer: Learn more theory, as I mostly play by ear, and finish more tracks that I start.

Question: If you could transform into any creature, what creature would you chose and why?
Answer: An owl so that I could fly and be the overseer of the land.


Question: How does KUSH have an impact in your daily life? What about your music?
Answer: KUSH impacts me heavily day to day. It helps the musical process, and also the life process!


Question: When was the moment you decided that producing was right for you?
Answer: Right when I first used Garage Band way back in the day. I loved messing around with sound, just as I do with Ableton and Reason now!


Question: Name five artists for the listeners and readers to check out after they’ve heard this track.
Answer: Weird Inside, Verzache, Mndsgn, Shamana, and Swell.


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