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It’s with gratitude, harmony & ease that we present you with the following track & interview. We’ll be giving you the run down on one of this year’s hottest up and coming producers – s e s h. He’s been with us for quite some time now, although not officially releasing under phuture – until this present moment. Go ahead and listen to what all the fuss is about by playing his track ‘silk road’ as part of issue seven | SUNRISE.

Interview with s e s h:

phuture: Welcome aboard phuture s e s h! It seems as if we’ve known each other for years so we’re overdue giving your music a spot on our platform <3. Give the world a rundown of a day in the life of s e s h.

s e s h : My name is Zach. I live in Kalamazoo, MI and I am 23 years old. I currently attend Western Michigan University, where I will receive my business marketing degree. Currently my day to day rundown consists mainly of work, school, my dog “Zed”, and music. always music.

phuture: What does your music sound like, for those who may not already be aware?

s e s h : I’d like to think that my music sounds like “calming” and “relaxing.” I like to try to blend together as many sounds as I can while stile making the music very “chill”. Music that you would study to maybe.

phuture: Coffee or tea?

s e s h : Tea

phuture: What got you into production and what keeps you going?

s e s h : I’ve always loved music. during school I started playing the guitar and eventually singing. I played at some bars in the U.P. and music has always been a huge part of my life. But back in 2014 I saw “cashmere cat” play a set in Detroit and immediately knew that was something I could do, stumbled upon Oshi, and I think I bought my midi the next day ha.

phuture: If you could mesh together the sounds/techniques of 3 artists, who, & what would it be?

s e s h : Hmm.

1. Mr. Carmack
2. Billy Joel
3.  G jones/Tsuruda


phuture: Looking back at 2016, how did you grow & what did you learn?

s e s h : I grew a lot in 2016 and I think it really showed through my production. I went through some interesting obstacles in 2016 and really learned a lot about myself. A lot of these things are things I’d rather keep to myself, but hopefully you can feel it and see it in my music.

phuture: What goals do you have for 2017?

s e s h : I have a few live sets already booked in 2017, this is all very new to me , so I plan to really hit the ground running with that. I am opening for CloZee and Psymbionic in February and I think after that I will be hooked. So production MAY possibly be put on the side, but never fully. Mainly my goal out of 2017 is too get everything I need personally in my room. I for some reason like no sound while I produce, I find it best for me with no outside noise, although it’ll be dangerous to have in my room because I may not get any schoolwork done.


phuture: Shout-outs to 5 artist’s who deserve more recognition?

s e s h : 

– Epicure (@epicuremusic)
– Alone Time(@alntme)
– Bubz Bunny (@bubzbunny)
– Norty (@itsnorty)
– easca – collective (@easca-collective)



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