Šuma – Stutter [Remix Competition]

Hello fellow listener, artist, producer or reader. We hope your day is off to a positive and inspiring start. We’re happy to announce our first remix contest, featuring Šuma’s track ‘Stutter’. You’ll find a download of the stems, and a streamable version of the track below.



You can find the stems here:
free download [desktop]
free download [mobile]

As you grab the stems be sure to bookmark this page so you know where to submit the remix to! Please direct all remix submissions to this form: here.

You can submit your remixes via this form: here. You can upload the tracks publicly but be sure to tag #STUTTERREMIX & link THIS blog article on your upload.

Winners will be chosen based on five criteria:

1: most innovative / creative

2: phuture staff pick

3: phuture SLACK pick

4: Šuma’s pick

5: most different from original


For any questions please PM us on SLACK (@phuturecollective) or by email via  phuturecollective@gmail.com.


You sharing this around helps us spread the word so please tell your producer friends about this contest. Submissions close 11.11

Gratitude, positivity & all of the best vibrations your way. We look forward to hearing.
Check out Šuma here:


Check out phuture collective here:
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