Summet – Peak [Remix Contest Winners]

A couple months ago we released the stems for summet’s popular track ‘peak’ to the public. We figured we might get a couple nice remixes, but were astonished with the quality in which we received. Below, you’ll find summet’s original ‘peak’ as well as the 5 winners to this extremely hard to judge contest.

summet – peak (original mix)

Winners of summet – peak (remix contest):

#1 – drak

#2- Finder

#3 – daehan (대한) w/u

#4 – nebita

#5 – roland chuang

Although there were a dozen other quality submissions, we must give shoutouts to those other ones in which caught our eyes & ears. Shoutouts to stripes, Floret Loret, Yushuf, M i s t e r / L,  tesmone, woods & proche – who all made amazing remixes as well.

You can still grab the stems in case you wish to create for the sake of creation itself. Be sure to give summet credit for the stems though! <3. Download here.

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