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We’re so happy to bring back Mo Vibez on Phuture, with his fourth exclusive to our channel. He’s had momentum by his side for over a year + and no slowing down is in sight for this Austrian-based artist.

We hope you enjoy listening to his track below, as part of issue eight | RECOVERY.

Read our interview from Mo Vibez below:



Phuture : It’s so good to have you back Mo! The last year has been crazy, hasn’t it? Tell the world what you’ve been up to recently!


Mo VibezYoyo wazz good? Im chillin and finally playing some shows. I also try to cook up sick beats all the time =)


Phuture : What’s one thing you want to achieve this year that you didn’t think you could last year?


Mo Vibezplay dope shows, and be confident in all situations xD


Phuture : Let’s talk a bit about your recent ‘Dreamers EP’. It starts off with ‘Into Eternity’, a smooth but firm progression into the unknown. By the end of the first track our ears are hooked and we found our heads already moving when ‘That Love’ kicked off.  As it ended we had no time to comprehend what had happened since we were sucked right into ‘One for Abe’. The textural evolution is truly something else. It’s as if it was designed to flow as such.

Are most of your ‘textures’ a result of field recording, sound design, instrumentation or a combination of the three?


Mo VibezNah i dont really use field recordings but i try to time-stretch and manipulate sounds with creative effects to give them a unique texture…And most of my songs are more like a jam session with myself. Like i make a drum pattern and try to jam cool chords leads etc. to it . I also try to experiment alot to switch up my workflow


Phuture : After getting taken astray from ‘One for Abe’ towards the end we realized that this dream wasn’t quite over. ‘Body and Soul’ kicked on and we were lifted to a warm volcanic sauna. Enjoying the temperatures of sound changing with the progression. The percussion is other worldly and the melodic percussive riffs are making our serotonin rush.  

Where do you draw inspiration for your percussion?


Mo Vibez :Im not sure man..tracks like those just happen kinda naturally.  I borrowed an old analog synth from a friend ( Casio CZ-3000 ) and came up with the main synth melody.then i tried to make it into a drop and somehow it worked haha



Phuture : By the end of ‘Body and Soul’ we thought that was it. But no, there’s more and it has ‘bounce’ . The synth work is sparkly and has such a night time vibe that we weren’t too surprised to see the word ‘night’ in in the title, titled as ‘Sitting here at night,gotta work tomorrow’. It would be hard for us to work tomorrow after creating such a piece.

Did you design the album from start to finish with the idea of creating this album? Did you title the album before or after creating the tracks?


Mo VibezYeah man i literally slept 1 hour that night, but it was totally worth it…I always wanted to put out One for Abe (shoutout Abe, he’s da homie).I made the track like 8 months ago but only had it uploaded to demonstrate my samplepack. So yeah, i tried to find tracks that fit to it and this is the result


Phuture :  In the past year you’ve been able to land releases on innovative labels like DIVISION, Courteous & Red Bull Studios  just to name a few.

What goes into determining where your music gets placed? For example – would ‘DIVISION’ get a different sounding song from you than a label like Fête would?


Mo VibezFor the DIVISION release i was honored that Thys from Noisia hit me up to send them some demos, and yeah i had this dope collab with L*o*J and i thought it could fit perfect for them And it did.but yeah i dont like the waiting part when i release with labels.but im definitely stoked and i got some sick stuff coming up through labels


Phuture :  Give a few words of inspiration to those producers out there who are putting in work but aren’t getting the results they are looking for.


Mo VibezDont overthink it. Make sure to have fun while creating. Try to experiment, and if u come up with something dope stick with it.



Phuture : Any plans for another album this year?! Also, any other upcoming releases/tours we should keep our eyes peeled for?


Mo VibezYeah i definitely wanna release alot of music this year, and yeah just check my social media for news..might do some shows here and there



Phuture : What’s the craziest thing you’ve done with which you are comfortable telling potentially thousands of people?


Mo VibezNah nothing worth mentioning i guess



Phuture : Name 3 artists under 2,000 followers who deserve more recognition


Mo Vibez :







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