This interview is not void but null


Although this artist’s name is null, his sound sure is valid. As you peruse his soundcloud, enjoy hearing his evolution throughout the past six months of his journey thus far.
You’ll find him on our SLACK community – aiding with feedback, collaboration & general support. He’s been a close part of phuture the past few months – so expect more much from him in the phuture.

Interview with null curated with Michael, founder of phuture collective.

Begin Interview:

phuture: Before we start things off, what is on your agenda today outside of this interview?
null: My agenda today is usually just messing around with new ideas in FL Studio until I’m out of ideas.
phuture: Where are you from & how long have you been producing music?
null: I am from Michigan and I have been producing for almost a year 🙂
phuture: Where did you find out about phuture collective?
null: When I first started my friend was featured on midiboyz and I saw they were good friends with phuture collective and it was my goal to get featured on a page as good as yours.
phuture: How did the concept of TIME affect your track ‘pulsation’?
null: It really pushed me to try new sounds and step out of my comfort zone and work with a lot of new stuff.
phuture: Where do you want to be one year from now?
null: In one year from now I see myself still being a particularly small page on soundcloud but still making music as a passion, not for the attention.


phuture: If your music was an animal or species what would it be?
null: It would be a lion because a lion is loud and my music CAN be loud lol.
phuture: Who are 3 of your biggest inspirations?
phuture: Do you have a routine with your musical production?
null: I do not. I just tend to make something when I’m feeling it ya know?
phuture: Do you work with other producers often? If so, who?
null: Yes, me and cotta usually talk a lot and we give advice and what not. I also keep in regular contact with tbh and calibr.
phuture: Anything you want your current or future fans to know? i.e – new releases, album plans, collabs, etc.
null: I’m a bit of a slow patch but my next release is going to be huge, I promise.
Check out more null here :
Soundcloud: here
Instagram: here

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