We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing RVKIT three times now – this marks the fourth & you can be assured that many more are coming. The best part about these intimate encounters with RVKIT is that a different track shines through the spotlight each time. For this issue you’ll take a trip through the 4th dimension. Check it out below!

Our interview with RVKIT was curated with Michael, founder of phuture collective.


phuture: This whole interview thing is nothing new to you RVKIT! We’re gonna have to make this one really interesting. Let’s start things off with reminding people of your age, location, and years producing.
RVKIT: 21/M/NJ oh wait no… 21 New Jersey and about 6

phuture: What are some notable successes you have had this year?
RVKIT: I finally got a new computer!

phuture: Has your routine changed much in the last year? Take us through a typical day in the life of RVKIT.
RVKIT: Not really honestly haha typical day would be wake up go to work come home chill out for a bit then go produce.

phuture: Do you wear a watch? If not, what do you use to tell the time?
RVKIT: No and my phone.

phuture: Staying on the subject of time – would you say that ‘time’ or ‘space’ is more of an illusion?
RVKIT: Yes I do think time is an illusion. We invented time.

phuture: If your sound was an animal or species, what would it be?
RVKIT: An alien.

phuture: You and CLIN – Ever thought of doing a duo? You two work well together in part to your similar sounds in a not so similar world. No one out there really sounds like either of you which makes your collabs stand out even moreso. If you did do a duo, what kind of outfit/costumes would you wear?
RVKIT: We had one back in the day when I was arktic fyer and he was sub works. We were called “Fyerworks” lol. And CLIN says we should be a snowman and a yeti but I think we should be 2 aliens.

phuture: What goals do you have for the rest of 2016 and all of 2017?
RVKIT: Mah goal is to blow up n ‘ack like i ‘ont kno’ no body! But nah I just really wanna start playing shows and expanding myself.

phuture: Got any other releases lined up the next few months? If so, when and where?!
RVKIT: Laser Laser Remix EP!!! Mid October!

phuture: Any shout-outs or artists that the world needs to discover asap?
RVKIT: Why is woosta still not blown up!?


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