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CLIN is no stranger to phuture collective & you may remember him from issue six | SPACE. Whatever the reasoning that has you reading this here & Now, we’ve got something special for you! CLIN was able to be a part of issue six with two releases – one on SPACE & one here on TIME. You can listen to his track ‘Zika’ below as you read the interview.

Read our interview with CLIN, curated by Michael, founder of phuture.

Begin interview:


phuture: Take us through a typical day in the life of CLIN.
CLIN: Well, I can say that I don’t smoke anymore which is crazy to think. My life is gonna get pretty different over the next year because I’m going to production school now 🙂

phuture: Why do you create & what keeps you creating?
CLIN: I create for everyone who enjoys bass music including myself. It’s been really cool to see its progression over the years and to be a part of that progression really gives me something that makes me feel more a part of a community than anything.

phuture: Mind going over your goals for the next couple years? Where do you want to be and what do you want to be doing?
CLIN: I definitely want to grow the CLIN brand a lot more, and stay true to my sound, which is trying new things in general. It sucks to see artists that I’m a huge fan of start to make cookie cutter music that has nothing more to offer than the previous song.

phuture: Staying on the subject of time – would you say that ‘time’ or ‘space’ is more of an illusion?
 CLIN: They are both illusions in the same way. They are both infinite in both directions. They are both completely limitless

phuture: What are two of your favorite tracks that you have created?
 CLIN: I’d have to say number one favorite is hungry jamz and number two would be a tie between yothatface and raised with JULO

phuture: You and RVKIT- Ever thought of doing a duo? You two work well together in part to your similar sounds in a not so similar world. No one out there really sounds like either of you which makes your collabs stand out even moreso. If you did do a duo, what kind of outfit/costumes would you wear?
CLIN: We actually had a duo under our old aliases- sub works and arktic fyer. We called ourselves fyerworks and released one song on YouTube which looking back sounded horrendous.
But if we were to have costumes we would probably do an abominable snowman and a wooly mammoth

phuture: Who has been the most inspiring to you personally throughout your musical journey. No need to limit this to just one person.
CLIN: Ah jeez,, the list goes on and on
Sumthin sumthin
Tsuruda (big one)
Derg, of course
The list could go on for ages

phuture: If your sound was an animal or species, what would it be?
CLIN: Bacteria

phuture: Any shout-outs ?
CLIN: Shout-out to anyone who has been either a fan of any of my music, given feedback or just took the time to listen. I really appreciate it a lot <3

Oh and shout out to phuture for dis one!!!!!

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