B-Dos x Yates – Rust



Pictured on left : B-Dos.                                      Pictured on right : Yates

Phuture : B-Dos is back again except this time he brought a friend ;). Y’all should already be familiar with his friend, Yates, if not well now is the perfect time! Tell us what you had for breakfast :D.

B-Dos : Hello! I had egg, chorizo, and potato mixed together and I ate it with tortillas.

Yates : HI, just coffee.


Phuture : Tell us about ‘Rust’. This piece caps off 2019 with a bang and sets sight on 2020 being a year for a true movement within bass music. Walk us through the process of what it was like working together. What went wrong and what went right?

B-Dos : Yates sent me a few different ideas, and I liked this one, so I worked on it for a couple hours and sent it back. I think we sent it back like two times back and forth. 

Yates : Working with Brandon was great.  We seem to be on the same page a lot of the time, so that made it very easy.  


Phuture : What has 2019 felt like so far? Any notable accomplishments, hardships, or events that your fans might be interested to know?

B-Dos : I have a baby on the way, lol.

Yates : I started “seriously” uploading things on Soundcloud this year so it is cool to be involved with this release. 


Phuture : What’s an influence that goes into your music that other people would be surprised about ? (doesn’t have to be music related!)

B-Dos : I don’t think it’s anything surprising, but I’m influenced by 3D renders and just art in general.

Yates : Chris D’Elia 


Phuture : It’s picnic time!!! You have to describe the other person’s personality & music in a picnic basket containing 5 items that represent them. 

B-Dos : adderall, red bull, burrito, warheads, and rice cakes

Yates : Turducken, magnifying glass, hoodie, flex tape, and the  “Goodnight Moon” book cuz phuture offspring


Phuture : Where do you hope to be by this time next year?

B-Dos : In my body hopefully.

Yates : Hoping to have Ableton 10 by then.


Phuture : What’s your favorite song on Phuture Collective?

B-Dos : william. – Three Quarter Pants

Yates : summet x olswel – moment


Phuture : What are the odds of you two working together again?

B-Dos : high

Yates : ten hundred percent
Phuture : I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with wind. What am I?

B-Dos : diversa

Yates : daft punk

Phuture : The answer was ‘echo’ but alrighttttttty then lololol.



B-Dos : P A T H, Floret Loret, Jives, JKuch, and underscores

Yates : Scullion, PZL, Runnit, Bandoum, Sv1


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