Capshun – Daybreak [Phuture Collective Premiere]

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It’s not often we premiere a track so when we do you KNOW it’s gonna be good. What’s even better is this one is coming from one of our core artists, ‘capshun‘, who made some nice sized waves this year to summon the ocean that is the year 2020.

This article is about his track ‘Daybreak‘ which has dropped upon you reading this. A serene adventure into the present moment of electronic music – caressing us through carefully painted textural environments and pushing us into a climax of scenery which cannot be experienced with your eyes but only by the vision of your ears and soul.


We had a chance to sit down with this mastermind to pick his brain about a few things – read below :).


Phuture: Take us a walk through this song yo! What inspired this and what do you want the listener to take away?

Capshun: Alright so this song has no real meaning behind it. Its just a slapper, but I am trying to bridge into a heavier sound – more so I this is meant to show more of a progression along that path.
Phuture: Is this officially your last song of 2019? What’s coming in 2020?

Capshun: It is my last drop this year. Figured I’d end it with a slapper haha. A ton is coming this next year especially right at the beginning. You can expect my EP to be announced early next year. And a few big label releases… More than likely some shows and festivals near your city.
Phuture: What did 2019 bring you? Anything especially notable you learned or experienced?

Capshun: I’ve been looking back at 2019 a lot these last few weeks and I’m honestly pretty blown away. I’ve played festivals, I have thrown shows all over the U.S. with bonsai collective, on top of making my own music. I think the biggest takeaway for me though, is that my music is and the movement around me is special and that the people I have met through it are the most special part to me. I wouldn’t be anywhere without the friends that I’ve made this year.
Phuture: Tell us a secret.

Capshun: Hahahaha. Well. Idk. Guess a good secret would be that. Haha
Phuture: Rumor is you’ll be releasing with Phuture in January… Is this true??!

Capshun: Oh yeah something real special. :smirk: Y’all gonna like it. ___
Phuture: Give the reader here something to remember you by.

Capshun: Don’t be afraid to take chances. Make friends. Reach out. Make music. Fall in love. Do whatever you want. The world is yours.

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