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Interview curated by our founder Michael.


My oh my, this one is special.

For one thing this marks the fifth release of leet on our network if you don’t include his presently lifted release or his addition to our charity mixtape. He now joins the 5+ release club which features a select few artists like RVKIT, ZenAware, CLIN, chromonicci., Mr.L & Noer the Boy.

Secondly – this is bd hbt’s first release on Phuture – which is probably as shocking to you as it is to us. The time has finally come and goodness we couldn’t be more grateful for how this synced up!

Let’s begin :).


Phuture : Starting things off – what did y’all have for dinner last night?

bd hbt : grilled chicken, rice and beans

leet : shredded chicken chimichanga w/ a side of queso !!!


Phuture : Why ‘the big festival banger’? While this might seem completely obvious to some, would love to hear the thought process besides the title and how that influenced the song itself.

bd hbt : The track encompasses what leet and I consider to be “big sounds”. This track was a spearheaded attempt at making the largest song we possibly could.

leet : The first completed version of the track was 5 minutes long, which is an abnormally long time frame for a “banger” style track. This track contains 3 different drops, all possessing different amounts of energy. I wanted to call it “The Big Festival Banger” because honestly, the name itself is pretty memorable and it accurately depicts the mood of the track.


Phuture : How did you two enjoy working together? What was amazing and what was not so good? Can we expect another festival banger from you two?

bd hbt : It was very streamlined. I sent him the original idea, he added his own drops, we consulted each other on the final touches, and boom. “TBFB” was born.

leet : It went just as most of my collabs go, I get the stems from the other party and I finish up the track. We both discussed minor changes to make throughout the writing process on my end and everything went pretty smooth.

PS: yes


Phuture : Do you guys floss your teeth every day?

bd hbt : yes sir

leet : what are those


Phuture : You just got a word that a Greek God is about to destroy you and there’s no way to survive. Upon hearing this news you also just found $10,000,000 and have a couple hours for a meal, so now nearly any option of food is on the table and this will be your last.

What would your five course meal be in this scenario?

bd hbt : 1 Yoo-Hoo 

leet : five glasses of water


Phuture : What has been your biggest breakthrough, production wise, in 2019? What do you hope to accomplish in 2020 production wise?

bd hbt : I have had a huge breakthrough in my confidence with my music. I’ve learned not to question my process anymore, and to truly disregard what others have to say about my art.

leet : I’ve been getting more adapt to certain plugins that I consider my “go-to’s” now and have been mastering certain audio reprocessing techniques. Still a work in progress, of course, and I always will be.


Phuture : We ask this one a lot, but people change overtime so we’re going to ask it again. The whole world is watching you and you have 30 seconds to speak to them. What do you say?

bd hbt : We all need to love each other.



Phuture : Shoutout 5 artists who are going to take control of 2020!

bd hbt : smolspider, yojas, SAKA, Runnit, Kurei

leet : NEWSENSEi, carlo frick, no puls, Mindset, 3WA


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