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We warmly welcome okokko to the phuture collective family :D. Let’s get to know him!

Phuture : Starting things off – what did you have for dinner last night?

okokko : Sausage, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, sugar snap peas and a beer haha


Phuture : Tell the world a few things about yourself! Age, location, years producing, how you found phuture and your top inspirations.

okokko : 27 year old from Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve been producing seriously for about 3 years now, but i’ve been making beats for about 6 years and have played music my whole life.

After a couple years of floating around lofi and electronic discords, I stumbled across the Phuture discord while looking for feedback streams. Loved how lively and positive it was in there so I stuck around 🙂

Top inspirations… Jai Paul, Electric Mantis, Hanz, Tsuruda, Sebastian Paul, Underscores, Swindail, Gorillaz


Phuture : Can you take us through a stroll of ‘bandits’? What inspired this track? What were some things you learned from it? Was anything difficult in particular?

okokko : When I listen to this track I picture two young street bandits skating into the night of a futuristic concrete jungle, stealing what they can to survive. Largely inspired by the visual aesthetics of Tekkonkinkreet, it was a return to electronic hip hop for me and I definitely had to learn to be more patient with this track. Fine tuning the mix, creating the drum fills, it all took a lot longer than normal but I think it really paid off.


Phuture : What are some inspirations that go into your life and music that other people would be surprised to hear?

okokko : Well, I started making weird hip hop beats in my early college years for my friends to rap over. I was using Virtual DJ to loop samples and then every time I wanted to save a change I would have to record a new version, load a new track to loop, and layer the beat up that way. I finally bought a beat machine (Akai MPC1000) from a kid I rock climbed with named Thomas and he taught me the basics of how to use it. At the time he was going by the alias Tetris Fingers, and he sold me the MPC because he was starting to use Ableton and making more electronic stuff which totally intimidated me. After a couple years he moved to LA and started going by his last name, Tsuruda. We’ve since lost touch, but he’s a HUGE reason why I’m still producing today.


Phuture : What’s one thing you think could bring the world one step closer to world peace?

okokko : Kindness, patience, selflessness, perspective, meta-communication… idk though it seems like it could also come as the result of mass chaos.


Phuture : What has been your biggest breakthrough, production wise, in 2019? What do you hope to accomplish in 2020 production wise?

okokko : I feel like I’m starting to really genuinely like the music I’m releasing. I’ve really started to nail down how to get a good overall mix. All the pieces are just starting to fall into place and I’m spending a lot of time on each song, they feel a lot more finished and well crafted.

I really want to start working with more vocalists in 2020. I also want to work on being more effective with my storytelling and use of music theory. I’d really love to start writing lyrics and singing as well.


Phuture : If you could bring any 3 artists, celebrities or political figures back to life who would they be? What would you do with them?!

okokko : Man that’s a tough one… but I don’t particularly like zombies tbh…


Phuture : What’s your favorite song on Phuture Collective?

okokko : Can I name 4? lol
B-Dos – Time
jack cates – riverside
chromonicci. – Ascend.
underscores – throwing tantrums while the car’s parked


Phuture : Shoutout 5 artists who are going to take control of 2020!

okokko : There’s so many sick artists on SC I’ve been checking out these days. I wanna shout them all out but, if I had to pick 5 artists that are already well on their way to taking over it’d have to be…. Hanz, B-Dos, Chuck Sutton, Underscores, and Chromonicci.


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