Binx. & Weaver Beats redefine genres with their ‘Whip’

We have a special collab by Weaver Beats and Binx. on issue six | SPACE. Pictured above is Binx. , to see what Weaver Beats looks like, check out one of our other interviews with him here. You can check out a link to ‘Whip’ below, along with an interview of both the artists.


phuture: Hey Binx! Hey Weaver! Thanks for being a part of our SPACE issue! Why don’t you introduce yourselves and tell us what you’re about?

Weaver Beats: As a person, I like to do music and skateboard, smoking weed is pretty chill too.  I’ve been skating 12+ years, and making music at least 7 years.  Since soundcloud’s beginning pretty much haha.  I’ve also been learning engineering ever since I started making music, that led me to go to school for audio engineering, and once I finished school I didn’t know what to do to turn a profit so I started a business for mixing and mastering.

Binx: Hey guys, thanks for putting me (and the homie) on issue six! I’m Binx. A dirty dolphin currently residing in El Paso, but I’m originally from Oahu. I focus on Future Trap, bass heavy stuff, but I also like to make chill stuff as well from time to time.


phuture:  Let’s talk about your track and, from each of you, we’d like to know what the inspiration was, as well as the creative process that went into this gorgeous banger. There are lots of different elements and your styles both compliment each other’s while retaining a sense of individuality in textures and continuity.

Weaver Beats:  Zach (Binx) and I always show each other the shit we make right after we make it pretty much.  We also do weird shit like challenge each other to both sample something, kind of like a really small beat cypher, sometimes we will hit up another friend of ours on facebook too to join us.  He showed me this banger type beat he had just made, it was still a WIP obviously, and before I even had the files on hand I had an idea to do more gating/muting to make it heavier, then when I got the files we both added a few more things. I went for a pad thing after in the next section because I felt like the song didn’t sound enough like me.

Binx: This song stemmed from a quick little exercise I did for my side page (no need to plug it, it’s nothing special lol) and Weaver dug the idea, and so we decided to expand on it together and make a full tune out of it. Thus, creating “Whip”.


phuture: Can we expect to see more collaborations between you two in the future? (no pun intended).

Weaver Beats: Of course, this is like our 5-10th collab song, and I’m usually pretty happy with the results.  I feel me and him click well when it comes to making music, we hardly judge each other but at the same time we are real with each other if we do or don’t like something.  Some people I’ve tried to collab with I feel like there is too much pressure from the start, then we can’t get anything down cause nothing is good enough.  So far my favorite song that me and Zach have done together is “U dont know”  It would be cool if me and him did a split album.

Binx: Of course!! Haha. Weaver and I have been friends for over half a decade (in real life). We have built a very good chemistry over the years and it is always a blast working with him. We aren’t afraid to tell each other if something is wack, and we aren’t afraid to introduce ideas to each other. Definitely look forward to seeing more Weaver x Binx. In the future (pun intended)


phuture:  Binx, can you tell us about the continual “dolphin” theme that we see cropping up in your work?

Binx: One night, I was drunk on plug, dj chilling in the Lush room (s/o to Lush Selects!) and someone kept calling me a dolphin lol at first I was like naw…then my intoxicated brain was like Fuck yeah! I’m a motherfucking dolphin! I have embraced my inner dolphin ever since haha


phuture: Mr. Weaver Beats, you also handle a lot of audio engineering work for other artists; can you tell us what it’s like to juggle work with your own creative plans and how you go about balancing the two in life?

Weaver Beats: It’s busy, and kind of a make your own path kind of thing, I basically have deadlines I set for my mixing and mastering projects to be prompt and make my customers happy, and I just work on my own music, skate, play video games or hang out with my girlfriend when I have free time.  It’s definitely not easy, I feel like I am buried in work, whether its other peoples or my own constantly.  I always prioritize other peoples work to my, money is necessary.  I do sit down and make/finish beats/tunes when I feel inspired though, that’s the crucial time, when I feel confident, and creative.


phuture: Somebody, anybody, tell me where that vox sample is from?

Weaver Beats:  It’s from this youtube video where this grandma is talking about her grandkid (The one who stole a truck and crashed it or something) she said something about “whooping his behind, thats what I wanna do right now”  Binx used it in the first section, and I ended up making some interesting use of it in the second section a few weeks later.

Binx: It is honestly taken from the Latarian Milton Takes a Joyride video. Haha The sample is his grandmother saying “I wanna whip his behind, that’s what I wanna do right now”


phuture: What do you feel needs to be addressed and/or changed in the music industry?

Weaver Beats: (1) More music with feeling and ASMR (2) less EDM arrangements (3) more originality, I feel like soundcloud is creating this crazy music scene it has pro’s and con’s and the pro side people are getting insanely talented at production.  The con is people are all making the same styles, it’s like a ton of people are taking a few sounds and regurgitating the shit out of them harder and harder between thousands of different people till its like a semi mutated but heavily perfected version of a Carmack trap type song.  I want people to be more original, do what sounds good to you, care less about what other people are making that sounds good, drop more acid, disconnect from the internet and other people’s music.  I am guilty of it too, people tell me my tracks always have a particular sound to them though that sounds like me or generally most of the time especially when there are pads involved just because of the pads i choose, the progressions i go for etc.  (4) less abuse of power and money, there are a lot of people doing big things purely based off of talent, and honestly I think the way the digital age underground music scene works it’s easier for people to get away with faking the funk.  I know of people making what I believe to be out of tune, underdeveloped, bad recipe songs but are pulling nearly 100k plays on their songs by themselves, you know how they do it?  They are in a position to do so, regardless of talent/musical ability.  All you need to do it is a label/blog or even artist accounts you could be managing above 10k+ followers, then they trade reposts until it’s at a high number, delete all the comments saying how terrible it is.  Pretend you are the shit, and proceed on basically.  Nothing wrong with trading, it’s a great way to get stuff heard more, just some people are way out of line with their quality, I don’t know how they don’t see it either.  (5) I wish artists with big followings were less stuck up, it almost seems like it comes with the territory though, if enough people follow someone, it could be almost anyone, it’ll go to their head eventually.

Binx: The big industry needs more variety. The underground flourishes with it, and a lot of the underground is amazing, but goes unnoticed. The industry wants a particular sound, they want something that is popular, they aren’t looking for legit talent, they are looking for their next marketing tool. We have cats pushing out super legit tunes right now, but they settle for the same shoddy formula tracks with obnoxious synths and basic percussion, but aye I guess that leaves the true gems for us to enjoy and soak in right?


phuture: Name 5 artists that you feel are not getting the love that they deserve.

Weaver Beats: Binx, Fat jon (His soundcloud is dead for someone who collabed with Nujabes on the regular and killed it), Phuture Collective, Onamazu, Top Cats (I know those last 3 are labels, but I really feel they don’t get the love they deserve.)

Binx: (Can I name myself lol jk) The homie Weaver Beats of course. He is getting some exposure, but he definitely deserves more as he is a really talented musician and a good friend of mine. Danky. She makes amazing UK influenced music, she is really underrated deserves way more recognition than what she is getting. Squirrely Bass. He makes some seriously gritty bass heavy weird trap, it’s trippy. Haha. Cesium Swimsuit. One of the few musicians I know personally who doesn’t usually mess with samples. His tunes are very unique and different from any other person I know. Last, but not least: St. Clement (Formerly known as Yummy!) you may have seen the name on previous issues from Phuture Collective. Liam and his brother are two talented cats who you should definitely peep out.

Not sure if you guys wanted links or not, so here they are just in case 😛


phuture: What is on your musical bucket list? e.g. some say they need to play a show in iceland or others say that they need to make a collab with Mr. Carmack. What are your personal “must-do’s” in music before you die?

Weaver Beats: I honestly don’t really have any, I’m content just doing engineering and surviving that way.  I don’t need to collab with some big artist, I have the most fun and get the best results collabing with an experienced friend I feel no pressure with.  I guess maybe the only one I really have would be to play an out of state paid gig, I also want to travel more, I wanna bring along my music shit, and also skate these new places.

Binx: I want to be able to tour the world. I want to put a smile on people’s faces. A personal must-do for me, is to be able to make this my source of income. I don’t make music for the money, but everybody wants to make a living off of what they love. Whether it be becoming a music professor, being an audio engineer, or playing shows. I love music, and I don’t see me leaving it behind anytime soon.


phuture: At what point did you say, “Holy shit. Music is my thing and i need to make more.”

Weaver Beats: Honestly, idk if I ever have, for the first year straight 99% of what I made was pure shit.  There was one hip hop beat I made I think it might have been the first one I ever did it was called “lovesick”, it was more of an edit, that really inspired me. Then a year later, another one I did, a piano composition called “Coldfront” that also was kind of inspiring too.  At this point now I’ve been doing it so long it’s become like drinking water, I can’t stop, I can but after a week or two I start feeling this urge. I get the same thing with skating, some people think it’s weird I’m 26 and still skate but man I can’t stop it’s too fun.  Doing a good kickflip or a backside tailslide with a pop out is just a good feeling, it’s smooth.  Weirdly I’ve come to notice the older I get that the most fun things aren’t always the most complex, in fact they usually aren’t, because complexity especially over complexity adds a tedious element to the mix.  Don’t get me wrong I like to do a lot harder tricks too just to do it for myself, kind of push the envelope.  It’s the same for me with skateboarding, music, video games, I bet it is for most people too.

Binx: Shit…haha I started making music in 2005, when I was 13, but I would say…it was around 2008 that I knew this was what I wanted to do. Music was my therapy when I was going through a lot of issues at the time, and it kept me motivated. Arguably, my music then wasn’t very great, and I got ridiculed a lot actually for my beats, but that just helped drive me even more to become better and better. I have a lot more in store guys, so be sure to keep your ears and eyes peeled! 😉


Interview conducted by Erik N/Bandapears, who you can check out here


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