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Today you get to meet Methone  an Argentinian producer who’s’s space-like tendencies are causing an evolution in our sound as we know it.
phuture: Hello Methone! It’s a pleasure to have you on for Issue 6! Why don’t you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about Methone by Methone.

Methone: Hello there! The pleasure is mine! (I’m a fan of PC<3) I’m Methone (a.k.a Ramiro Belen) a 19 year old producer from Argentina.

‘Methone’ is the name I choose for my electronic musical project, which focuses on a blend of a bit of influential people that I admire, and another bit of an own style, which I’m still developing. As most of the producers of this era, I upload my material to SoundCloud, where you can find a little bit of what I do.
phuture: There’s some really interesting sample choices in Epicycle, one of my favorites being the whatever the hell comprises of those chord stabs. Can you tell us about what went into making this track and some of the sounds you used to give it such a vibe?
Methone: Well, Epicycle is weird. That’s the word I choose to describe it. Weird and simple. When I showed it to some friends, the first thing they said was ‘This doesn’t sound like Methone’ or ‘I feel it’s empty’. But that’s the thing from this song. I remember playing with different chord combinations, trying to make something chill, and from a second to another it has turned into some kinda hard beat, but at the same time smooth, and at the same time some looped style, with half slowed drums on the 2nd part… It’s a cool mess.
Talking now about the sounds: I tried with some vocals with a space atmosphere. You can hear the classic flute I use in most of my tracks, with the same melody pattern. I really love that flute! haha. You can also hear some different drums than usual, I used different sidechain compression and samples from my own builded library.
Both Builds Up and Drops are weak, on purpose. Its a relaxing song haha, hard, but relaxing.
phuture: While we’re on the topic of the creative process, what are some of your studio rituals in order to get into the right head space for productivity?

Methone: To be honest, I don’t have a definitive ritual, but close internet tabs, plug headphones, etc…

Sometimes I focus on playing melodies until I feel comfortable with one of them. Sometimes I transcribe what I have in the head to Ableton clips. And sometimes I rebuild old unfinished projects. It depends on the day.
phuture: How do you feel you’ve progressed as an artist from the time you first started making electronic music? What has stayed consistent and what has changed?
Methone: A lot has changed since that moment. Not drastically like “I blowed up”, but more like a personal achievement. This is my 3rd year producing, so I’m pretty much a baby on this. 1 year ago at this exact time, I had no more than 20 followers. Today there are +1500 people interested in hearing what I have to share. And for me that’s both amazing and scary. The only thing that changed is that I used to do music for myself and some friends, and now I do it for music-loving strangers too
phuture: Can you recall one of the strangest sources for a sample you’ve ever used?
phuture: What are your thoughts on the music industry/scene that (for better or worse) you’re a part of? What do you feel needs to be changed/addressed right now?

Methone: To be honest I’m still not sure what scene I’m part of, but I’d assume we are talking about ‘Soundcloud Trap/Future’ scene. Here in Argentina this kinda weird trap scene is super small. Of course you have a lot of EDM trap parties and stuff, but not much related to what I’m part of. I would like to change that here, make it a little more massive, so i could play a couple shows per month. I still never played in my own country in any party as Methone. One reason for that is cause I don’t have a manager or whatever, but still, if I had the chance to play, I would have to adjust my set to something more understandable enough to the people who go to these EDM parties.

Talking about the Soundcloud part of the scene, there are many things leftover. I don’t want to go deeper on this cause it’s already difficult to write all this in English for me hahaha. But some people have to understand that you need to work and work and work on your music and stop asking for feedback. The day that your work is on the right level, the feedback will come.
phuture:  Name 5 artists you feel aren’t getting the love you feel they deserve.


– Zotti [ @zottimusic ]
– Halpe [ @beatsbyhalpe]
– Octn [ @octn]
– Kagwe [ @kagwe]
– Samsin [@samsin111]
All these dudes deserve +20k followers and a lot of money hahaha,
their shit is inspiring as hell.
phuture: What items are on your musical bucket list? e.g. some say they must play at Sonar festival or some say they need to work with Carmack on a collab. What needs to happen for you?

Methone: Wow, I don’t know if I’ll ever deserve to work with Carmack haha, but I definitely want to know him and let him know how much he changed my life.

I’d also like to go on tour someday, get enough money, and move to a random place ! (I have never left my country!! D:)
phuture: Have you ever written a love song and if so, can you share it with us?
Methone: No Sir!
phuture: What do us listeners have to look forward to next (inserts phuture pun here) from you and on what platforms will they be released on?
Methone: If everything goes as planned,a debut EP could arrive later this year on Bandcamp. The EP will show you in 12 tracks what ‘Methone’ is so far.
Interview conducted by Erik N/Bandapears, who you can check out here
Check out Methone here:

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