A Trip To The Zen Garden w/ Nuage Knight

It’s time to welcome aboard yet another artist for their first release on Phuture Collective. When Nuage Knight sent us the track you are about to hear & read about we knew it would be a perfect fit for issue nine | TRANQUILITY. We had the opportunity to interview him so scroll below & check it out! Interview curated […]

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issue nine | ANXIETY (w/ free downloads & interviews)

It is with pain, suffering, agitation, uncertainty & restlessness with which we present you the following: ANXIETY, as part of issue nine | ANXIETY, TRANQUILITY & EUPHORIA. Individual Downloads & Interviews: Indigo Beck x Noer the Boy– Carburetor Complex Click here to read the interview  | Click here to download __________________________________________ LITTLE SNAKE x Holly– Negative Degrees Click here to read LITTLE […]

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Apprehension with CAMBOT

CAMBOT is back for his third release with Phuture! The last two releases he collaborated with Brio and then SubDocta but now he’s here on his own with a solo release as part of issue nine | ANXIETY. We had the pleasure of meeting him in person a month ago at Emissions Festival & we’re so glad we did, otherwise we […]

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Turning the thermostat down to ‘Negative Degrees’ with LITTLE SNAKE

LITTLE SNAKE is a fresh face to Phuture, but probably not to your ears if you’ve been on Soundcloud lately. This producer is one you won’t want to miss – and he’s joining our issue nine | ANXIETY with a massive collaboration beside Holly titled ‘Negative Degrees’. This track is seriously ice cold. Now, let’s get straight to business. Scroll […]

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Untitld and william. are keeping it 101%

Untitld is back, and this time he brought a friend – william. , who we’ve been itching to get on Phuture Collective. These two guys have been shaking things up in several ways so when we found out we would be able to interview both of them at the same time we knew it would make for quite […]

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Indigo Beck & Noer the Boy’s ‘Carburetor Complex’

Indigo Beck  & Noer the Boy  are back again – this time with another innovative, emotionally impacting collaboration with which we struggle finding the words to describe. Since we last had the chance to speak with these two, they’ve been continuing to gain momentum – which includes steadily releasing well-received & innovative tracks, as well as playing shows […]

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i can’t see The Third Floor

Surely you remember The Third Floor from issue eight | HEARTBREAK, right? If you don’t then you must have been sleeping, since he was featured as the opening track for one of our biggest compilations to date – up until here & Now : issue nine | ANXIETY. TTF changed things up a bit to cater to this theme and it’s […]

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Caught up in a rut with 92elm

92elm is back once-more to follow up with his hit track ‘Glimmer‘ as part of issue seven | SUNSET. What has he been up-to, you might ask? Well we’re here to give you the answers! Go ahead and scroll below to read – but don’t forget to press ‘play’ to hear his track ‘Rut‘ as part of issue […]

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