How do you get to know the hermit?

Today we get to meet the hermit.  who comes to us from somewhere in the ocean. we’re eager to see where this artists goes in the months to come. He’s got a way of giving you the unexpected with each of his tracks. The second halves of his tracks he treats with care, as if he means […]

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what do cig.margot, khaki & dxwntxwn have to do with honey?

With great excitement we present you with our first three way collaboration! We feature Khaki , cig.margot 승민, & dxwntxwn who all happen to hail from Nashville, Tennessee. Pictured above on the left you can see dxwntxwn. On the right you can see khaki. Where is cig.margot? Not pictured but feel free to check his soundcloud to have even less […]

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Why ‘BONHAM CARTER’ is capitalized

Today you get acquainted with BONHAM CARTER out of Hayward, California.  This artist has a forward-thinking, groovey, hip hop, future vibe that’s just too hard to genre-fy. Definitely scope out some of his other music after listening to his track ‘Karma Cafe’ below. Our interview with BONHAM CARTER was curated by Soba of the phuture collective […]

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Searching the ‘Atlantic’ for Sakacity

Today you’ll be getting to learn more about Sakacity , an artist who was referred to us via The Exotic Thinking Network. We’re glad that this artist found us, among the tangles of the web. At this moment of Now Sakacity doesn’t quite have 100 followers yet which makes this release that much more of a pleasure – […]

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watch out for knyvez

Today you’ll be getting to learn more about knyvez, an electronic music producer who’s style changes on a weekly basis. His sound is distinct and his energy transparent. He is the co-founder of ILIUM , which we recommend you also scope out, after you get done with this interview :). Our interview with knyvez  was […]

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is it samwise to go digging in the candy casket?

Just a ‘Spoonful’ of Spacey sugar, thanks to this collab by samwise and Candy Casket. Check out a link to the track below while you peruse the interview we had with them. Pictured above is Candy Casket, if you want to see what samwise looks like, check out one of his other interviews here: Listen […]

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Get to know THREE DOG & listen to his collaboration with Mo Vibez

Mo Vibez and THREE DOG collaborated on ‘Bells’ for issue six. Check out below for a link to the track and an interview with THREE DOG . If you are looking for an interview with Mo Vibez , we’ve interviewed him twice, so go ahead and take a look at this here when you get done reading the […]

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engaged with The Flourish

You can listen to ‘Simian’ by The Flourish below, as well as check out the interview Bandapears had with him. Listen to ‘Simian’ by The Flourish – ________________________________________________________________________ phuture:  Good noon Mr. Flourish, why don’t you start by introducing yourself to those of us who aren’t familiar with you. The Flourish: My name’s Dylan, I smoke […]

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the time is Now to meet refractor

Straight out of Portland, Oregon – we bring to you refractor.  With his first release on phuture, we hope it won’t be his last! You can listen to his track ‘Photon’ off issue six | SPACE here: _________________________________________________________________________ phuture: Hey refractor! So good to have you on board for SPACE! Why don’t you introduce yourself to […]

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Binx. & Weaver Beats redefine genres with their ‘Whip’

    We have a special collab by Weaver Beats and Binx. on issue six | SPACE. Pictured above is Binx. , to see what Weaver Beats looks like, check out one of our other interviews with him here. You can check out a link to ‘Whip’ below, along with an interview of both the […]

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