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CLIN is no stranger to your ears if you’ve been following phuture for a minute. We fell in love this this East-Coast artist with his track ‘NUGZ’ a couple years back. Since then he has only continued to improve and create pieces which can’t be compared to other artists. Take a listen by pressing play below, then read our latest interview with him below.


Interview curated by M i s t e r / L of phuture.
phuture: Glad to have you back for your third release with us! We see that “Abscission” is a botany term referring to the detachment of fruit or dead leaves from a plant. What made you choose that name for this track?
CLIN: I honestly don’t know.  I always look for cool weird words to use for titles.  Found that one and knew for a fact that nobody used that word as a song title before
phuture: Say we live a month in the life of CLIN, what are the couple of things that will stand out at the end of that month?
CLIN: Well I make a commute to New York about twice a week for production school with an Ableton trainer, Brian Jackson. Other than that I just spend my time working at Zumiez and producing at home.
phuture: Your sound design is one of the most diverse we have heard. Can anything get chopped for a lead in CLIN’s lab or do you go for specific sounds?
CLIN:  I’ve used leads that came from Abletons Operator to chicken noises thrown in a sampler.  I usually make a pattern and then find a sound that sounds good with it, but a lot of the stuff I come up with is just from messing around and recording random shit
phuture: There’s so much to love… but give us one thing that you hate about producing!
CLIN:  When you listen back on something you made the night before and hate it
phuture: Ready? Okay, you’re sitting at a cafe staring out a window either eating/drinking/smoking your favorite thing. What is the setting outside the window and what type of music would you be listening to?
CLIN:  Sheeeeiittttttt it would have to be snowy as fuck out with some lo fi soundcloud beats
phuture: What location and setting would you want your ideal studio to be in? Be specific!
CLIN: Inside a glass ball that can travel to anywhere in the world by your command
phuture: Give us some plans for CLIN in 2017!
CLIN:  Definitely want to get a release on courteous family.  That has always been a big goal for me.
phuture: What’s your dream job?
CLIN:  If not a producer, my second dream job would be an astronaut
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