Indi- go goes swamp


Indigo Beck brings a baked cilantro fire to his sound and doesn’t mind giving us an interview while standing in a very small box, much like a cat. His track “Swamp” is suggestive of multidimensional traveling, at midnight of course.

Listen to the track below while perusing his interview.

Interview curated by M i s t e r / L of phuture collective.
phuture: It’s a pleasure to have you on board phuture collective for [at least ;))] the second time now Indigo Beck! Looking back at 2016 what did you learn? How did you grow?
Indigo Beck: Well, I learned how to make Thai food, cooking for my dear enslaver-roommate Michael Cullen. I also learned how to make music that gives people mental health issues. I grew probably an inch, maybe two inches. My room looks cooler thanks to some posters and Christmas lights that adds an ambiance to what used to be boring and white.

phuture: My goodness! The textures in your track “Swamp” are from another planet. Clue us in on the weirdest sample or fx string you synthesized in this one, please? 🙂

Indigo Beck: I recorded myself peeing and stretched in out and granulized it.
phuture: You have such a unique and changing sound. Can you name 3 other producers/musicians that directly influence your productions?
Indigo Beck: My weird, cheese loving roommate, Noer the Boy; Tsuruda and… there’s three people? Who else… I’d probably say SHADES.
phuture: The preciseness, texture and stereo spread of your tracks, especially this one, remind us of cinematic music. Ever thought about marrying some audio with video?
Indigo Beck: Actually, I score short films and TV shows and have a huge appreciation for film composers.

phuture: There’s so much to love… but give us one thing that you hate about producing!

Indigo Beck: Mixing and mastering. Shit’s annoying and tedious and makes me cry (at night).
phuture: If you could receive 5 enhancements right now to further your productions, what would they be?
Indigo Beck: A pair of Audeze LCD heaphones; Omnisphere; eastwest orchestra; a better computer; and a nice Mackie sound system.

phuture: Give me two artists that you would love to work with this year!

Indigo Beck: I’d love to work with Bleep Bloop and Eastghost
Check out Indigo Beck here:

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