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Today you get to meet sumthin sumthin out of LA. You might know them by their former alias C o n r a d. They’ve rebranded with a vibe that matches their new identity.

We had the chance to interview them, so please check that out as you listen to their track ‘The World Keeps Turning’.

Listen to sumthin sumthin – ‘The World Keeps Turnin‘.

Interview with sumthin sumthin:

Question from phuture: What was the last track or album that you listened to?
Answer: Kaemp – tambo

Question: Summing up 2015, in a musical nutshell what did music do for you and where did it take you?
Answer: In 2015, music was able to show me that I’m capable of much more in this universe. As I grew through each production I persistently noticed a passion I could no longer ignore. As I grow up, my music will reflect different emotions and experiences, and as I write music continuously, the every day problems that stress us out for no reason seem to vanish as I get lost in the subconscious, ( a place we all need to become more familiar with ). This world has much to offer and music is a perfect outlet to teach those who need to feel the love we all possess inside. That’s what music taught me in 2015.

Question: What foods have been on your palette lately?

Question: How would you describe your sound to someone with ears? Without ears?
Answer: To someone with ears, I would describe my music to be a digital musical story of what goes on inside my head, to someone without ears, I would put a shit load of different paint on a canvas and communicate the similarity in some way. Never really thought about that one…

Question: Any projects coming up that we should know of?
Answer: Too many, I’m a student at Icon Collective Production School in North Hollywood…making tracks almost every day trying to find my sound beyond this black hole of amazing talent soundcloud has to offer.

Question:What are your goals, musically, for 2016?
Answer: My musical goals in 2016 are big. I want to improve my production to the greatest level. I really want a label to pick me up sooner or later. I want to be able to communicate my ideas to a much larger audience, this world needs to wake up and there is a sea of talent who is here to make sure that happens. I want to be a part of that movement.

Question: Where is your most favorite place on Earth?
Answer: My favorite place on earth is San Clemente, California. It’s where I grew up and I hope it’s where I settle down.

Question: How does LOVE have an impact in your daily life? What about your music?
Answer: Love has a major impact on every decision I make. It’s difficult to figure out what you actually love with the daily distractions that are thrust upon our civilization. Love is what makes us happy, simply. The more you love, the happier you will be. Almost every time I sit down to make a track, I think to the people that I love, or the scenarios I’ve been through with them. The memories literally play themselves. Love is why I make music.

Let’s flip the tables. You ask us a question and we’ll premiere the answer when your track gets posted. Go!
Question from phuture: Should I make bangers or vibey shit?
Answer from phuture: BOTH! You have two styles that work so well for you. We just heard your track ‘Moon Shoes‘ which blew our mind. Keep with the bangers up yo!

Question: Give us five ideas of themes for issue six!
Answer: demons, spirit, water, fire, wind idk

Question: Name five artists for the listeners and readers to check out after they’ve heard this track.
Answer: Roswell Carter, player dave, Osojack, Kaemp, G Jones

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