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Today you get to meet RVKIT, out of New Jersey, who is reppin’ the east coast strong. RVKIT has been producing for years which has lead him to several releases on the biggest TRAP channel around. Now with their second submission into phuture with a 100% acceptance rate, we are ecstatic to launch off our issue five | KUSH with their work here.

Soon after this, when you peruse RVKIT’s library, you can also check out their alter-ego TRVNKUIL, by going to their soundcloud here . As you scroll down to read the interview, please enjoy their track ‘Moon Rocks’ by pressing play below.

Listen to RVKIT ‘Moon Rocks’ as part of issue five | KUSH.

Interview with RVKIT .

Question: What are you listening to right now?

Answer: “graves & Tails. – Vega” and I cant stop listening to it! Soo goood

Question: Summing up 2015, in a musical nutshell what did music do for you and where did it take you?

Answer: I would consider 2015 the year I boarded the plane of my music career, accomplish my first official release. Now I just gotta get this plane in the air =]


Question: Let us step in your shoes for a day. What’s for breakfast, whats your daily routine, and when is music involved?

Answer: well on the days that Im not working construction building kitchens and what not I usually wake n bake, eat a bagel or something then work on some mixing and mastering when I can be loud while my parents are still at work haha. I do most of my creative stuff late at night when my day is over though.

Question: You are given the chance to immediately cross ANY item off your bucket list. What do you choose?

Answer: I wanna go to Cedar Point in Ohio. I’m obsessed with roller coasters and they have the best in the country no doubt. I need a change up cus I go to Six Flags Great Adventure wayyyy to often haha.

Question: Any projects coming up that we should know of?

Answer: 2 Eps in the works! “Prehnite/Epidote” which will be apart of my rock collection. And a 3 song collab ep with the bro CLIN.

Question: What are your goals, musically, for 2016?

Answer: I really wanna start getting out into clubs djing again. It’s been too long and it was a lot of fun.


Question: If you could transform into any creature, what creature would you chose and why?

Answer: a Quokka cus they are the happiest animals on the planet.

Question: How does KUSH have an impact in your daily life? What about your music?

Answer: hah geez does everyone smoke nowadays? XD people say it’s not addictive but that’s bullshit, I’m deff addicted but I don’t really care. If I go a day without smoking I have 0 appetite and have crazy nightmares when I sleep. But I almost always smoke before a studio sesh. It helps get the creative juices flowing.

Let’s flip the tables. You ask us a question and we’ll premiere the answer when your track gets posted. Go!

Question for phuture (artist) : When you say us, how many people does that mean?

Answer: we are turning from a collective run by one person, to a collective run by a group of individuals. we are but not limited to, TriLLwAx, Samwise, Suma, Nomia, Pehoz, Mister, synchronistic, St. Clement, Bandapears, ZenAware, Milano & more. We’ll be launching a forum & platform for easier collaboration and communication soon. Hope to have you personally on board, as well as any readers or artists interested!

Question: When was the moment you decided that producing was right for you?

Answer: I honestly don’t really know haha.

Question: Name five artists for the listeners and readers to check out after they’ve heard this track.

2. herzeloyde
3. Invention_
4. Šuma
And go check out my other alias

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