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Australian based producer of the finest glitches to grace this music lover’s ears, Nomia provides a skilled measure of chaos to his work. And it’s delicious. Find a link to his issue three contribution There’s More to Sense than We Have Senses below the interview.

Phuture: Firstly, besides this interview, what are you doing at this very moment?

Nomia: Lying on a hotel bed in Ecuador listening to bangers

Phuture: What song has been following you around lately?

Nomia: Point Point – Life In Grey and Mr. Carmack – Inconsiderate

Phuture: You suffered from temporary amnesia and have no recollection of anything that occurred over the last 5 years. The essence of you and your abilities is still in tact but your memory of the last 5 years is completely blank. What are the key events that someone would need to remind you of in order for you to understand how you’ve evolved in the last 5 years?

Nomia: After graduating high school as a school captain in 2011 you decided to pursue your passion for film-making and entered university for a Bachelor of Film and Screen media. During this time your passion for the art of sound grew and you began music production in 2013. After sound recording and designing three short films, all of which entered into various national and international film festival circuits with great success, you completed your degree and your addiction for music production and DJing began to take over. Mid 2015 you left your several bass music residencies to travel the world for the rest of the year. This only fed your undying motivation to take over your city’s scene, right before the accident that caused you to lose your memory

Phuture: Tell me a secret

Nomia: I’m always thinking about new plans to take over the corporate capitalist unconscious planet and spread consciousness, love and equality across the planet so we can move forward as a race instead of backwards. When I come up with a foolproof one, you’ll know

Phuture: What projects do you have coming up in the near future?

Nomia: I’ve been working on several collabs with talented underground artists, some of which have planned release dates, some of which are still forthcoming. During my travels I tend to come up with 1 to 2 promising new ideas weekly, when I arrive home to my monitors I’ll decide what to do with them all, possibly a debut album full of Trap, Riddim Dubstep, Future Bass and more

Phuture: You inherit an estate worth $100 million which is comprised mostly of an old, large house surrounded by acreage. The house is decorated with lots of antiques. The stipulation of the inheritance is as follows: You either have to accept it as is or sell it as is. If you choose to sell, you can only buy 1 thing with the money. Do you keep the house or do you keep the money? What do you do with the house/money?

Nomia: Sell the properties immediately. Give 95% of it to promising charities or directly to the hungry. Keep the rest to build a small studio and fund my passion, even if nothing becomes of it. As a minimalist, 5 million is plenty for the rest of my days

Phuture: What’s the best thing since sliced bread?

Nomia: Ableton Live 9 (I guess if we didn’t have the internet we wouldn’t have a place to share our music though)

A link as promised: Nomia – There’s More to Sense than We Have Senses

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