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guppi just hit 1,000 followers upon the publishing of this interview, so it’s the best TIME for you to discover this experimental bass artist from the US.  Having collaborated with artists like Weaver Beats & duce – only TIME will tell what other collaborations are in the works.

Interview curated by Michael, founder of phuture collective.

Begin Interview with guppi:


phuture: howdy guppi! pleasure to have you on board with us for issue six | TIME. Please give us an introduction!

guppi : Phuture fans, what’s up it’s Adam (or guppi). I’m out of Chicago and really proud to be featured on this Issue, TIME. We got some real killers on this one, so listen to the whole thing from start to finish if you can, it’s a trip.
phuture: Take us through a day in the shoes of guppi. What’s your routine?
guppi  : I go to class on the weekdays. Learn some things, then forget what I hear every 6 seconds or so. After school I get home and make beats for 15 hours.

phuture: What is your setup like? What DAW do you use? Do you have any controllers or instruments?

guppi : My producing setup is in my room, it’s got a desk, and 4 speakers. I have 2 M- audio 8 inch speakers facing me, 1 big speaker behind the desk for the middle freq. stuff, and 1 sub under the mid speaker. For awhile, I wasn’t using my room to it’s potential, so I moved everything around a million times and I think I’m slowly getting better at listening. I use Ableton live 9 and really like how straight forward it is, also the instruments/ plugins in it sound really really really good.

phuture: where do you want music to take you? where do you want to take it?

guppi  : I guess I want it to take me away somewhere, and I want to take it beyond myself somehow.

phuture: how did you find out about phuture collective?

guppi  : I heard about you guys on Soundcloud back when Issue 4 came out; since then I got down with the message and became a fan.

phuture: when you are dry on inspiration what do you do? any advice for those suffering from a writers block?

guppi  : When I’m out of inspiration for the day, week, hour, or anything, I stop listening to music for awhile. Usually doing something else that’s productive will take my mind away, but also keep it working at the same time. My advice would be to spend as much time as you can making music a day, just because.
phuture: if your music was an animal or species what would it be?
guppi  : Prolly a dolphin

phuture: who are 3 of your biggest inspirations?

guppi  : My older Sister, Mom, and Chief Keef.

phuture: name a time throughout your musical journey that you wanted to quit. what kept you going?

guppi  : I’ve never really thought about quitting. Producing to me is kind of like a hole that I got into, and I almost can’t get out. The good thing is that I write what I’m going through; it sounds pretty cliche, but it’s one of the better ways for me to respond to certain stuff.

phuture: any shoutouts?!

guppi: Shouts out to my homie duce, my homie khaki (and all his homies from misc.) my homie Yunsie, also homies from sauce collective.
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