h3110 w/ s e s h x leet


Pictured above:  (pirate) leet

Pictured below : s e s h

Interview created by Michael Phuture Team


Interview created by Michael


Phuture:  My oh my is it so good to see both of you again – let alone on the SAME issue AND the SAME track. Let’s jump right into things with what you each had for lunch!

leet: the flesh of my opponents. and some water also

s e s h: Great to see you as well. Today I had Core Life for lunch, it is my go to lately if I don’t feel like cooking.

Phuture: Tell us about the process, story, and inspiration behind H3110? Any meaning behind the name? How was it working together?

leet: Well it was originally going to be called THX4DOWNLOADING because of the vocal fill before the third drop, but decided H3110 would be appropriate for this issue in particular. It was a fun collab to work on, I had been playing the original WIP out in my sets before we collaborated on it.

s e s h: I had been sitting on the first drop of the track for a while and it just wasn’t going anywhere in particular. I was playing it out and shows for a while and could tell people liked it, but I wasn’t getting it finished. I’d been listening to Leets music a lot at the time and he actually got ahold of the wip and started playing it out at his shows too, so I asked him to finish it with me. He’s a wizard with automation so the whole track came together well in my opinion. As for the name, I’m not sure where it came from actually. Leet is gonna have to answer that one.
Phuture: For leet – your tracks are typically much crazier, less minimal, and more all over the place. How did you tone things down with this track and not go AS into outer space with this one?

For s e s h – this style is brand new this year – so what inspired you to take this direction from your past life of a more mellow lo-fi type sound?

leet: Every now and then I enjoy writing festival dingers. This was one of them. S e s h sent over the idea with the energy already there, and I polished it. Making high energy tracks is always fun every now and again.

s e s h: I honestly don’t know, I always enjoyed this style of music and going to shows with weird electronic music but I never considered trying to make it. I really don’t think about much when I’m producing, I just kind of make whatever i’m feeling and what speaks to me at the time. I have made a LOT of music i’m sitting on and it all is seriously a different style haha. I plan on releasing more of my future bass style shortly. Middle Child and I have a really vibey bop coming out on EDM Sauce in a few weeks.

Phuture: McDonalds or Subway? Which do you prefer and what would be your ideal order?

leet: No.

s e s h: Subway. All day. I haven’t had McDonalds in a really long time actually. I usually get a footlong on wheat bread. Maybe the Italian BMT toasted.

Phuture: Anything in particular you each to do get the creative juices flowing?

leet: Wake up at 6 AM and turn my phone off.

s e s h: Not really. Usually crack a nice IPA and just create.
Phuture: What has been your favorite track so far of 2019?

leet: time box by thook

s e s h: Not one track, but CharlesTheFirst new Album The Ascent is just amazing the whole time. ______________________________________________________
Phuture: You’ve got the whole world listening to you for 30 seconds – what do you say… or play for them 🙂 ?

leet: a KFC advertisement

s e s h: Share all of my friends music

Phuture:  What would life be without music?

leet: boring.

s e s h: Sad.


Phuture: Name 5 artists that are going to take over 2019!

s e s h: G-Space, Patches O’Malley, Joe Nora, Sfam, and Peekaboo.



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