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Interview created by Michael & Tabz of the Phuture Team


Phuture: So glad to have you on board Phuture again Mr. Capshun – and I see you brought a friend!!! Let’s start things off with what both of you had for lunch!

capshun:  Ayooooo! It’s so good to be back. Round 2 feels even better!! Yeah, these guys are some good friends of mine from Dallas, you should definitely check them as soon as you get the opportunity because they are dope! I had a classic today. Got ole’ #2 spicy deluxe sandwich from chick fil a. It SLAPPED lmao

Her Mind: aye thank you so much for having us !! We seriously appreciate it! Adrian and I have known each other since high school! So this track has been a long time coming and I had some Korean fried chicken!! It was incredible. I highly recommend you try it sometime.

Phuture: Osmosis – tell us about a few things: the title, the inspiration behind it, and the message (if any!).

capshun:  So Osmosis is about half a year in the making honestly around the time when I came home from the deployment we were hanging out more and started this fire wip. A bunch of sessions and a few hazy nights later this song came out. It’s really just a banger with friends haha

Her Mind: haha during one of our first sessions, we started just tossing in and editing some loops and some of the loops reminded us of water and I also remember talking about cartoons specifically osmosis jones so I guess it was kind of the combination of the two. The track came together naturally and quickly and I feel like that’s when you know it’s gonna be a good one.

Phuture: Before you made your way into the electronic music scene, what styles of music did you tend to gravitate toward naturally?

capshun:  I was actually always a hip hop head before. I made crappy like “drake type beats” for the longest time…. Ahhh good times XD

Her Mind:  When Sam first started he was into hip hop and alternative rock and stuff, when I first started making music it was mainly melodic stuff like avicii and zedd. I was really into avicii cause he uses a lot of piano in his tracks and that’s what I kinda wanted to incorporate cause I’ve been playing piano for a minute now. I still remember literally typing in google “how to be avicii” and it was like avicii uses FL studio, so I went and got FL before later switching over to Ableton (which is clearly the better DAW)

Phuture: If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

capshun:  Bruh, Super Strength. And I am talking like absolutely abnormal strength. To where my strength is non-comparable. One punch man type strength with no limits haha

Her Mind: This is a no brainer, I would control time I mean it’s the obvious choice here. Imagine snoozing your alarm, freezing time and waking back up to it still being like 8am. It’s the ultimate superpower.

Phuture: When you’re not making or thinking about music, what are some of your favorite things to keep yourself busy with?

capshun:  Anime, video games, anime…. Video games… I’m kind of lonely i need a girlfriend lmao

Her Mind: the office, netflix, chillin w the homies, im a big anime nerd as well, Adrian and I actually watched a few anime scenes during our sessions while writing this track lol
Phuture: What is your action plan for achieving world peace?

capshun:  first off cleaning the water in flint, michigan lol. Then i don’t know, like I’ll turn a limited amount of bread and fish into a buffet for the world or something lol.   

Her Mind: one word: legalize haha.
Phuture: Are there any upcoming albums or events in particular that either of you are looking forward to?

capshun:  Yo yeah I’m definitely hype for this Schoolboy Q album it’s going to SLAP. And I am playing my first festival in May… I’m hype to meet some of my favorite artist IRL.

Her Mind: doin edc & edc week this year in vegas, pretty stoked for that! and Galimatias’s EP/album (if he ever releases it)


Phuture: Name 5 artists who are going to take over in 2019!

capshun:  in no particular order: Olswel, Moore Kismet, Quiet Bison…. Aaaaaaannd all of the BONSAI BOYS SHOUTOUT TO THE FAM TURN UP WOOO!

Her Mind: definitely the homies totto, 1788-L, who also has an EP out this week, AWAY is also extremely dope, everyone in the SOCI fam, and obviously can’t forget the one and only Capshun

Phuture: Anything else you want to mention before we part ways… for now :)?

capshun:  In all seriousness. I love you guys. Thank you to everyone who supports me and my music. I wouldn’t be here today without you guys forreal. <3

Her Mind: super stoked for this release, just wanna say thanks to phuture collective for the support and also be on the lookout for our EP soon with our homie zxro!


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