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RVKIT brings us ‘Rover’ for the SPACE issue, which you can check out below, along with an interview by our very own Bandapears.
You can listen to ‘Rover’ by RVKIT here:

phuture: Anyone that’s heard “Rover” by now should know you live up to your name. But What does RVKIT mean to you? Where does that part of you stem from and what do you want to express under the name RVKIT?
RVKIT: Idk I just really like making cool noises and stuff haha. I make a racket so it fits nicely. I express mostly my hyper, trippy, and angry vibes.
phuture: Speaking of names, tell us about “trvnkuil”?
RVKIT:  trvnkuil is all my really emotional music. trvnkuil being tranquil which is supposed to be the opposite of a RVKIT (racket). fun fact: almost all of my trvnkuil songs were made during anxiety attacks
phuture: Condolences on the loss of Sanguaro 🙁
RVKIT: Yeaaaah. =/ it’s ok though i got a new one. his name’s Didgeridoo or Didj for short 😉 maybe a new song?
phuture:  Take us through an ideal day in the studio. What are your rituals or habits when deeply engaged in the creative process?
RVKIT: The ideal studio day would be to vape some bud for a more focused, less “couch lock” high then have no one be home so I can really be myself without worrying about what people think and just go in on some shit haha.
phuture:  What do you feel, as a member of the music making/ performing community, do you feel needs to be addressed/changed with respect to the scene/ industry?
phuture: When did you come to the realization that you had a knack for music production?
RVKIT:  It happened slowly, but all of the accomplishments I’ve made helped I guess lol.
phuture: Name 5 artists you feel NEED to be exposed more to the world.
RVKIT:  1: herzeloyde 2: Kagwe 3: woosta 4: sumthin sumthin 5: CLIN

phuture: Pizza bagels or pizza rolls? (Jk)

What are 3 absolute musts when it comes to mixing a tune well?

RVKIT: Oh dear. I’m terrible with technical terms. I just do what sounds good to me. side chain all yuh synths and basses to your kicks snares and punchy percussions. stereo separation on things you think sound dull or too mono. and uhhh idk eq on monitors! oh and pizza rolls unless there’s no sauce on the pizza bagels. then pizza bagels. =P
phuture: Have you ever written a love song and if so, can we hear it?
RVKIT: I have not =/ I haven’t come across the right person to write one for _______________________________________________________________________
phuture: What is the strangest experience you’ve ever had when it comes to music?
RVKIT: I got a lot of stories from concerts I’ve been to. One time this girl was trying to twerk on me and I wasn’t having it and I kept backing away and she just kept trying until I switched sides with CLIN she got all pissed off and said some shit like “you think you’re better than me? you’re missin out bitch” and walked away. shit was too funny.
phuture: Give us 3 things you have to do with music before you die.
RVKIT: Honestly there is really only one thing I want with my music and that is to spread good vibes and make people feel some emotions _______________________________________________________________________

Interview conducted by Erik N/Bandapears, who you can check out here

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